What the heck is this weed/tree?

laurell(8 - Washington)April 12, 2013

This popped up last summer and I wasn't sure what it was. I was kind of curious to see if i'd be able to ID it once it got a little bigger, and I still can't. Seems robust and happy in it's location. Got pretty much zero irrigation at all last summer and still thrived. Full sun location, growing from between 2 rocks in an area that was previously lawn, no trees within several yards (and nothing similar in sight).

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Noni Morrison

Wild Elderberry...the one with the red berries. Get it out of your bed as soon as possible. You cut it down and it want's to grow back for years! The birds drop the seeds everywhere.

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laurell(8 - Washington)

Thanks! I figured I'd better address it before it actually blooms. I'll take it out tonight.

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Forms dense thickets if left on it's own. It would be safe to leave until the fruit turns red, but the roots are probably getting stronger by the minute.

You'd be better off with Nandina for occasional red berry clusters.

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