Lady slippers... for sale

ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))May 26, 2011

At my plant sale. About 6 pots 12" pot size 2 blooming plants per pot , and a few have immature plants with the blooming ones, all in the soil they were rescued in.

a Friend had a septic put in and had to dig out a heartbreaking colony of them last June. I was Not planing to offer my share of them for the plant sale for a few more years but I am quite a bit of $$ behind on my "goal" for the sale and have only 4 days ( Thurs Fri Sat and Sun)

So If you are brave and want to try and get these to reproduce... come see me in Avon MA.

No flames please. This was a rescue. I am selling them for Charity and to spread the chances they do survive. Its a win win win. For The plants,for the new caretaker of the plants and for the charity.

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First - is it even legal for you to sell these? I may be wrong, by my understanding is that they are on the endangered species list, which makes it illegal to sell them.

That being said - how much are you asking for them? Avon is a really far drive for me.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

I have read the MGL.( and I asked MassHort Master Gardners) about if it was illegal.
The YELLOW and the Showy are on the endangered lists and illegal to sell wild dug ones. The pink is not in that category but as we all know it's not a simple plant to transplant.
These were on a friends property and going to die any way, It was the only site for her septic, well the only site that did not add even MORE money to an expensive project.

AS far as what they are selling for.... that was not decided today; Whites sells them for $75.00 for a single! And 130 for the yellow! VT Ladyslipper sells em for 35 to 50 each. Dear Dear Hubby and Zahzeen Marlene are there today and they are going to have to settle on a fair price.

I had intended to offer them next year in the silent auction another person runs for CMN. I have more and still might.
As for how far.. make it worth your wile.. come volunteer a few hours we feed you lunch and Costco lets you shop for the day if you are not a member.

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Hi Pixie Lou,

I could really use your help on Saturday if you want to donate money to the Childrens' Hospital and get a Lady Slipper in exchange (I'll let Aaron (Michelle's husband) set the price of the "exchange" if you are worried about legalistics!) Michelle will be attending a Memorial Service for her Grandfather and a Christening on Saturday so it will be me and a COSTCO employee. I realize this is short notice but would appreciate any help I can get....I'll start another post asking for help. Thank you!

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