Goat manure

bhuvanaApril 5, 2013

I got 5 gallon of fresh goat manure from a local farmer, i am afraid to include it with my compost bin, because i am not sure that the compost temperature will reach 140 F. The compost bin is under a shade. Any other way to kill the pathogens/bacterial so that I can use the manure for vegetable garden.Need help

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I have used goat manure in compost piles with good success. If you are worried about weeds, it depends on what the goats are eating. Alfalfa hay usually is seed free. Grass hay will have seeds if it was harvested after the grass went to seed. If the goats are grazing there probably aren't any plants that have gone to seed This time of year. The compost pile should heat up because of the composting process and fresh manure will get it going easily. If you mulch your gardeN, that will keep weeds from sprouting. Personally I would be thrilled to get the goat poop & would use it in the compost pile.

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Thanks for your info. I am going to use it in the compost pile

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