Did I lose my agastaches?

toad_ca(z7b Bellingham, WA)April 27, 2011

I planted two agastaches last year and they did beautfully--very full with lots of flowers up until the edge of winter. I didn't prune them back until March. Should I be seeing signs of their return yet?

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toad_ca(z7b Bellingham, WA)

Darn! I'm pretty sure they were aurantiaca. Thank you for the info gardengal48.

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Depends on type :-) Other than A. foeniculum, which seems to be tolerant of a wider range of conditions, agastaches are xeric plants that just don't seem to be able to withstand our winter wetness, despite how well-drained your soil may be. Most salvias are another common low water perennial that just don't winter well here. It's not a matter of cold hardiness but rather just the consistent wetness of the soil. And this winter/spring has been wetter than most :-)

After numerous attempts with Agastache rupestris or the aurantiaca hybrids and salvias like 'Hot Lips' or any of the greggiis (autumn sages), I tend to treat these as annuals rather than reliable perennials for our area and replant as required.

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I've had exactly the same experiences with these and the salvia microphylla/greggii hybrids, which is sad because I'm completely cuckoo for salvias; however, agastache cana is another one that might come back for you, it does for me. Very nice plant...

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Do you think it would help to put a cloche over these for the winter? I just ordered one and was SO hoping I could make it happy in my yard!

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