Do All Hosta Flowers Produce Seeds

LilFarmGirlAugust 23, 2014

I have seen many flowers here in my town in SC but most of them are not producing seeds after they have bloomed. here are mine in this picture. Any suggestions. Still new to this forum and still growing the love of Hostas.

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I'm new to hostas as well and from reading have learned that not all produce seeds. Which hosta is that in your photo?

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ hosta seeds

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Im not sure yet. My sister brought two of them for me.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

some are sterile ...

some dont accept pollen if its too hot ... or other conditions are not favorable ...

and some do NOT.. just to aggravate you .. or me...

H with large white leaf centers... and white petioles.. flower stalks ... are USUALLY .. sterile ... but there are exceptions ... but even sterile ones... MIGHT make pods ... but you will end up not finding anything inside of them ....


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bkay2000(8a TX)

I have hosta that I never remember making a flower, much less a pod. Then, I have one other oldie that never makes a pod, but usually makes flowers. These are noids I've had for years and years. Come to think of it, the u albomarginata never made pods either.

I think some of it is maturity, too. Last year was the first year I had any pods to speak of. I started collecting in 2009, so it was three years later before I saw a pod. My flowering was delayed as well, but not as long.


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Wow! I have a lot to learn about Hosta. I am still collecting different ones. When I finally get mine in the ground I hope to be posting some information I have learned in the future. I can wait until next year when I can really show mine off like some of you.

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Does anyone know the name of this one?

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Could be an immature June, or a member of the June family. Just a guess. Hard to ID the immature ones sometimes.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

It could be Rainbow's End...flower colour and scape is similar. Nice hosta! Nicer sister too! :-)


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side note: If I left it to the bees this year... I would have no seeds. I am working on a bee friendly environment... but outside of a few bumbling bees, they haven't gotten the memo?

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Who do you have doing your pollinating? Maybe time to look into a crew. Do you have bees in your yard? Or wasps which like to climb in and out of the flowers too. I keep coleus and cannas (red) which seem to attract the bees and other flying insects we need. Look into making your yard a bee haven. I have yet to get stung and I have seeds galore.

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Happy to see a lot more honeybees in the garden this year compared to last year. I attribute it to many more hostas blooming in my garden, along with coneflowers, and my next door neighbor to the South has planted Sage, all along his back fence. That brings 'em in like a magnet.

Still, not like they used to be : (

Don B.

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I have an abundance of bee, butterfly, hummingbird, and dragonfly friendly plants and wildflowers... fruit orchards, berry bushes, and 2 large vegetable gardens. But any of the hosta I left to open pollinate, has not even so much as selfed itself :/ I do not use any toxins or pesticides, either. Just a rough year here, for bees Im thinking :(

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I guess I will wait until my Hosta are in the ground to see if they produce seeds. Until then I am posting questions in a new post to get help in preparing my ground before the end of September to plant my Hosta. Remember, I am still new at this.

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LilFarmGirl, are you coastal or piedmont region of SC? Lowland or upland? Elevation makes a little difference in how your hosta will take to the sun or shade.

Getting them into the ground before the end of September should fit nicely for them settling in before your first frost. So I'll look for that other post with your other questions.

The above hosta picture could be Ripple Effect too. Was it a nice light yellow in the middle earlier in the year?

Welcome to the forum, and hope you have a great time growing your hosta garden.

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