Another Great Tomato Seed Source

Okiedawn OK Zone 7January 31, 2013

I've been waiting for months for Marianna to get her renovated website up and running so I could see what she has added this year. Wow oh wow. She has added a lot. I've seen several varieties I want to buy.

Perhaps the most intriguing additions have been the really pricey competition tomato seeds for folks who want to grow giant tomatoes to enter in Giant Tomato Contests. Wait until you see the size of some of those tomatoes! Of course, you have to do more than plant the seeds to get tomatoes that large, but they are simply amazing to see.

I've linked her website below in case anyone wants to see what's new.


Here is a link that might be useful: Marianna's Heirloom Seeds

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I do like Mariana's a lot. Bought a lot from her.

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Looking at that site is like being in a candy store. I want some of all even though I can only eat a little.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Reed, I've always liked her selections, though I haven't necessarily bought a lot from her in the past.

I'm making a list of the ones I want to order and try, though I'm not likely to add too many of them for spring planting. I might grow some for fall tomatoes.

Larry, It is like a candy store. Isn't it great? I love the fact that she has some varieties you don't see anyplace else. She has a couple I've wanted to try for years but just never got around to ordering, so I'm going to order them this year.

One issue I've always had with her website is that she describes everything in such glowing terms that it is hard to know what's truly great...because every single variety can not be that wonderful. I do think that she has toned down the language a little bit with her latest website renovation.

It is still too muddy to do any work in the garden, so I've been visiting seed websites to amuse myself---and it isn't because I need any more seeds either.


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Here it is too wet, too cold, and earlier today we had snow. It didn't snow long enough to cover the ground, but they are saying flurries for tonight and 13 degrees. Brrr

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I always liked her website because she describes and gives some history on the heirloom varieties that she offers. Whoops, just checked the new website, and it is totally different. No more lengthy descriptions and history from the little I saw.

Of the giants listed, I noticed that Hunt Competition is one high priced tomato - 6 seeds for $10! Whoa! I guess if you really want to breed your own, or grow the biggest in town, it is worth it. But, hey, I just wanna eat 'em.

She also offers a couple of the Husky series - Husky Gold Select and Husky Red Dwarf - aren't these hybrids?

Some just sound downright delicious, like Indian Dark Violet, Champagne Cherry, Cherokee Tiger Black Dwarf, Creme Brulee (my FAVORITE dessert), Hershey Boar (chocolate????? yum), Hunk Purple (just cuz I could use a good "hunk" in the garden).

She also carries a good number of dwarf plants, too. Geez, I don't need any more tomato seeds either, but I want, I want, I want......


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