Late August Wedding

Geo_in_NW_Ontario(3b)March 21, 2005


My son is getting married this August 20th. Its an outdoor, casual wedding. I'm in Zone 3. Ideas for flowers and/or decorative planters or any other clever idea would be much appreciated.

I've already decided to start glads in time for this date. In our area they seem to bloom more to the end of August. I will start them early in pots, then transplant. Any recommendations about this? I plan to order 50 bulbs from Veseys.

Thanx so much for any input.


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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Rudbeckieas, and purple coneflowers bloom around that time also multiblooming sunflowers. I don't know much about glads though but they do sound like a good idea, very pretty.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

One thing you could do is find out the colours for the wedding and make planters using those colours. If we have a decent summer, glads would probably be blooming by then. When you start them inside, make sure you use large peat pots. That way they'll get a good head start and when you go to transplant them, you can just cut the bottom off the pot.

Make sure you take pictures of the flowers as well as of the bride and groom!

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TesaBloom(z5/6 E.Wash.)

Annual Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' or 'Blue Bedder' would be nice for tall, spiky blue-purple; snapdragons, yes; you could succession plant glads to ensure you'll have some blooming then (it takes 90-110 days to bloom); dahlias, definitly, and start them in gallon pots now to transplant after the last frost date; larkspur for tall spikes of pink, white or purple; zinnias; asters; cosmos. Just a few ideas. I would keep on hand plenty of floating row cover, or lighweight sheets, and keep watch of the weather, just in case you get an unexpected early frost. It's amazing what can be done to a casual outdoor setting with tulle and ribbon and accessories to "pretty up" the site. There are often neat ideas in the bridal magazines this time of year for outdoor ceremonies, and some even have country themes. How "casual" is it going to be, and is there a theme? Having a "theme" can really help to guide your decorating choices, as well as a color scheme, the setting/where the ceremony is to be held, etc. I'm designing and growing the flowers for a wedding this July, my first paying job!!! It's exciting! Good luck to you!

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Thanx for the ideas sent for this thread. They are all great. The colours for the wedding are blue, green, and white. The location for the wedding is beautiful, on the banks of the river that flows past my oldest daughter's yard. We can't do too much close to the river as the water levels change constantly. However we will be building an arch to use in the ceremony. I got some ideas from the Garden Junk board that have also been helpful.

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