Show us your gardens - a photo thread - May 2012

pixie_louMay 1, 2012

This is a place to post photos, and to discuss, what is in your garden. This is the thread for May 2012. Since Spring has arrived, we will be focusing on blossoms. If the thread starts getting to picture heavy, I will create an May Part II thread later in the month.

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This is the bleeding heart plant that I absolutely loved until Leslie posted a photo of her red bleeding heart. And now this one feels so common. But I still love it!

Muscari has to be one of my favorite spring bulbs. I am making a mental note right how to buy a bushel of bulbs from Brecks next fall and just plant muscari absolutely everywhere.

I'm amazed at the amouont of blooms that periwnkle puts out. I got these shoots as little 6" pieces last spring. And now it seems as if I have as many blooms as leaves. Granted I may be cursing this vine in a few years from now. But for now I'm happy.

Lastly - this is the Gerbera Daisy that will not die. 4 years ago I let my daughter, then 4 years old, pick out 2 gerbera daisy plants for my front step planters. In the fall, I break the plant off at the soil level, stick the planters in the back of my garage where they get no light or water for 6+ months, and every spring when I pull out the planters in early May, lo and behold Gerbera Daisy plants are growing. This one has 6 anemic blossoms right now. I actually have 2 of these planters, both with anemic growth. But if experience proves anything, with a bit of sunlight, these plants will perk right up! If I had known that I would not be able to kill this tender annual, I would have picked out prettier colors!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The early azaleas are full now.

The white Spanish Bluebells are beginning to bloom now. The blue ones will open later.

And epimedium new foliage is joined by hostas.

On a gloomy gray day, the Euonymus 'Silver King' and Pieris 'Mountain Fire' foliage stand out, accented by a few daffodils.


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Nice! Love those bleeding hearts, and the epimedium.

I've got to get out there and take some pics - the first of the tree peonies is in bloom, just a couple of flowers on that one, so far. Spring is FLYING by!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The old sour cherry and its suckers are blooming now. Maybe this year I'll get fruit (or the critters will). If not, I'll have to plant another sour cherry as pollinator.

(I need to dig out the camera manual and figure out how to adjust the colors. The blue sky is lovely, but it's not THAT blue).

And in the category of intense anticipation, the wisteria buds are closer to opening (closer than they were yesterday, and the day before...)

The squirrel repellent worked, helped by my running out and waving my arms at the squirrels when they climbed up into the wisteria. Who cares if the wisteria didn't smell like wisteria, it smelled like garlic and cinnamon and pepper and whatever else was in there.


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Last year I got a groupon for a tree company and used it for spraying for winter moths.I was too cheap to do it this year and now I'm sorry. My rosa glauca is defoliated and the damage is accumulating on the japanese maples. In retrospect, it would have been worth the few hundred bucks.

Sevin is death for bees. You need the bees more than perfect leaves.

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Dianthus Bath's Pink

First little rose off my blushing pink knockout

Creeping Thyme blooming between paving stones

Jacob's Ladder

Sorry for the washed out look on some of these; my phone takes terrible pictures!

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Ahh and one of my clematis just started blooming... So many new things happening every day!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Some of the Hosta are beginning to look good. These were taken yesterday morning.

H. Komodo Dragon

H. Blue Hawaii

H. Dancing Queen in full sun.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

The rain finally stopped so I could go out with my camera. Everything is clean and looks happy and VERY well hydrated.

ajuga with phlox and dwarf pine

cotoneaster with muscari. That's probably grass in there that needs to be weeded, but I need to look closer to make sure it's not bulb foliage (which should stay).

The azaleas got a little battered, but seem to be OK with Geranium macrorrhizum (also rain-battered) around their feet.

And Spanish Bluebells on the other side.

Hosta 'Northern Exposure', very slow growing and newly moved into this bed with Variegated Solomon's Seal, also new. I'm hoping for nice complementary foliage when they all grow up a bit.


Hosta 'Paul's Glory'

and Hosta 'Guardian Angel'.

Lily of the Valley duking it out with an inherited variegated Hosta. Neither will give an inch.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


That last pic is a battle of the Titans. The Hosta is Undulata Univitata, an absolutely iron clad plant that you see growing everywhere. Unfortunately that LOTV is rhizomatous and will eventually win out.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA


Undulata Univitata! What a great name for a hosta planted by my mother many many years ago and quietly surviving total neglect for many more years until the new regime started caring for it.

The LOTV won't eventually win out, because I have some Titan blood myself and will step in when necessary. Right now I like the look of the hosta with the little white bell-shaped flowers.

When I first took over the yard here I spent a few years getting the LOTV under control (it was everywhere in full sun and dry sandy soil).

Now I have a LOTV section in mostly shade and I'll just move the overly enthusiastic plants there.


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Ah, I think this is a hosta I have - the Undulata Univitata! It was planted by the previous owner. Quite pretty, but the last few years mine has been reverting. I've been moving it into a spot that is a bit shadier and it seems to be keeping its color there. Thanks for IDing this one, Steve!


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Sarah - wow - you have clematis and columbine in bloom already! I have teeny tiny buds - though I almost need a magnnifying glass to see them!

Claire (and others) - based on your photos of Solomons Seal I actually ordered the plant this year through Natick Community Organic Farm. I get to go pick it up on Thursday. I'm very excited!

Speaking of LOTV - here is my pink LOTV. I had it as 2 tiny stems last year. This year I was digging it out of my lawn 18" away. It will have to find a new home. This is in an area near my septic - the pipes and electrical from the house are buried underneath, so I really can't dig a deep barrier for it.

Are these Spanish Bluebells? I think I posted them last year and was told Spanish Bluebells. I could go look at last years thread - but . . .

Thank you to enabler Leslie - I am now the proud owner of a Dicentra Valentine.

And everyone by now probably knows that I don't mind a few weeds - especially if they are "pretty" (and in the back of the house). So here is a section of lawn filled with buttercups and creeping charlie.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

I've been enjoying all the photos, as usual on these threads. This really is a glorious time of year.

The slope has really filled in over the years. I finally cut back the monster grass hanging over the fence today.

This is an azalea I bought down in SC. I wasn't sure if it would bloom up here or not. I've only had it a handful of years and it does appear that it liked this mild winter.

This is part of the new backyard gardens. The Aesculus pavia is getting ready to bloom.

This picture is from the japanese maple area. Variegated andromeda is layered with various japanese maples.

Another angle from the japanese maple area.

I love amsonia, and I love deutzia, but I really love them planted together.

Looking through to the backyard. Double kerria is leaning over the fence and Sinocalycalycanthus raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine' is about ready to bloom.

The tree peonies in this border are just about ready to go.

This was my most crazy purchase of a perennial ever. I can't see well without my reading glasses and I thought the price was $25. It wasn't. I'll have to leave it a secret as to what it was so folks don't think I'm crazy. It was not three digits though! LOL! I had been on the lookout for a double trillium, so when I saw it I scooped it up. I'm sure it must have been Mother's Day or something like that, so I deserved to spend the big bucks on one plant! (thank goodness it came back this year!)

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

It's hard to believe it's actually May, and all of these wonderful gardens are back!

My double-file viburnum is beginning to flower. I don't know which one it is; it was a $2 cutting from the local garden club sale and was only labelled "double viburnum". I like to look down on it from the deck.

One of my dwarf conifers, Pinus nigra 'Sand Beach', is the star of the bed during the winter season when all the perennials are dormant and leaves are off the shrubs. But now that the Siberian irises and phlox are up and growing, the pine sort of blends in with the mix. It's taking spring to heart itself with lots of new cones and the beginning of new candles. The cones perfectly match the little oak seedling that I'll have to do something about.


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Such beautiful pictures, everyone!

thyme2dig, Double trillium!!!! Oh, I know what the price tag said! And I don't think you're crazy at all. Just lucky to find one. I'm very glad it came back this year too because I got to see it. (Didn't even recognize it at first and thought it might be a gardenia.)

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I love seeing everyone's gardens! Yay, Spring!!
Claire, your yard looks like a nature preserve.
Pixie lou--I love that Dicentra Valentine; I think I need to have one. Is it a true red? I have red and white plantings in my front yard and I think it would make a nice addition if it is more red than pink.

I don't have much going on in my yard right now; I need to work on more mid-spring flowers.

In the white garden:

I just love deutzia, even though it doesn't look like much after the show:

A baby deutzia!

Alyssum just sprouting up:

There's a lot of columbine self sowing in the yard:

Some woodland stuff:

And these pansies from spring 2011; they were ripped out of the window boxes and crammed haphazardly into a pot and thrown under a tree where they spent summer through winter totally neglected. They surprised me by putting on a decent show this spring.


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Girlcat - the Dicentra Valentine is definitely red. leslie posted a thread about it a few weeks ago. The thread is probably on page 2 by now. It's titled something like Dicentra Valentine for diggerdee. When I went to the nursery to buy it, I was amazed at all the different shades of dicentra. There were lots of pinks, and magentas and fuschias. But this one is definitely RED. I totally love it!

Also - if your clematis a Miss Bateman? Mine is, and yours looks very simimlar. Lastly - what is that little white flower blooming through the lattice?

From my white garden- Clematis Miss Bateman opened up this weekend. Just a couple blossoms at the bottom of the plant. I gave the plant a hard prune last fall and was a bit nervous that I may have given it an overly hard pruning, but it has definitely grown back stronger than ever!

White Allium (V. Xmas Tree Shops) and White Dicentra in the background

Sandwort and Silver Bells. I'd love to get more sandwort. This was a tiny 4" pot I purchased 2 years ago. It is making a fabulous ground cover that is evergreen!

My first iris bloomed this weekend.

I got some Siberian Iris from a nice woman on craigslist. Her ad said something like "realy ugly boring dark blue siberian iris." This is the first one to bloom - and it is a gorgeous lite blue color.

Another siberian iris from this woman bloomed this morning, and it is another shade of blue (please ignore all the weeds - this is down by the pond and it's a mess)

Lastly I potted up annuals this weekend. This is probably the earliest I have ever done it. DD picked out the plants since these all go in the back yard. She was feeling patriotic and picked out blue lobelia and red impatiens.

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Pixie lou---

Yes, I believe my clematis is Miss Bateman!!! I've been racking my brains trying to remember which one it was. I didn't prune mine; it lives in the shade of a Rose of Sharon and a viburnum, so I like it to bloom early before the trees totally leaf out. I have a few more white clematis in my white garden which are pruned down in April so they won't bloom for a few more weeks.

The white flowering plant growing in the lattice is sweet woodruff.

I love to see other people's white gardens! There is always something that I hadn't thought of(allium); I'm probably going to get some white sandwort since I have tried that in the white garden yet.


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spedigrees z4VT

How pretty everyone's gardens are! I should try wintering over my gerbera daisies as you have Claire. I've never given them a chance, just assumed they were annuals and tossed them out of their pots in the fall.

My profusion crabapple in my front yard bloomed a couple weeks ago. It's big enough now to attract a lot of birds. Here's a house finch perching on one of the branches.

And my bleeding heart (not sure what variety) sprang to life from the rains.

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i love seeing everyone's beautiful gardens! This is such a great time of year. I have lots going is a bit. :)

Aquilegia 'leprechaun'

Spanish bluebells, geranium 'St. Ola' just starting to bloom

Digitalis 'Camelot lavender' , allium 'globemaster' , baptisia

I got this iris the year before last from a neighbor. When I planted it was a single small rhizome with 4 blades and it didn't flower the first year. Last year it had probably quadrupled and I got 1 flower (huge, deep purple). Look at it this year! I'll have to divide already. I'll come back for ID when she blooms if I can't figure it out myself. :)

I love this amsonia. When it's full height I can't help but brush it as a walk by, it's leaves are so silky. Should bloom soon...

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Thanks, girlcat36 - I like the idea of my yard as a nature preserve. Welcoming to all critters, and hopefully looking good as well.

My wisteria is getting closer to full bloom, although it still has some of that fish skeleton look as the florets on the bottom are still not open.

The first rose buds have appeared on my Yankee Lady rugosa.

and the very first Geranium Biokovo flower.

Big Daddy Hosta is slow to appear, and the early leaves always make me think of coleslaw and Savoy cabbage (it must be getting close to dinner time).

I'm a little obsessed with my new bed with the Solomon's Seal and hostas. I know I posted some photos up-thread a bit, but I got a better photo showing the hosta leaf and the polygonatum leaves together. I like the combination of the variegated leaves.

and the Solomon's Seal blossoms have opened further.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

What a treat this thread is! Such an odd spring, but as usual the gardens manage to still look great. I'm looking at all these photos and realize I've hardly taken any photos so far this spring. So I took a couple today, but my spring season has wound down and my summer season is a few weeks away still.

Pixie Lou's photo of Vinca, just taken on May 1st and mine is already gone by. I love that Clematis 'Miss Bateman' too.

I see you have Red azaleas, Claire, trying to attract hummers?
And I love those white Spanish Bluebells.

I can't believe Sararock had a Clematis blooming on May 8th.
Didn't realize they bloom that early.

I love the names of Steve Mass's Hostas.

And Leslie has influenced a lot of purchases of Dicentra 'Valentine' I see.

Thyme2 your garden is looking good. Love that azalea. And Japanese Maples are so fresh this time of year. Did you escape the winter moths? My neighbor has Kerria on a cedar fence and the color is too strong to me, but yours on the white fence is very nice. Gorgeous double trillium!

Claire, that is a nice $2. Viburnum maresii. I bought a small division of one at a local sale for $9. and thought that was a bargain. Mine is in less sun and hasn't started blooming yet. That is my second one though. I have another that is larger and has been blooming for a few years. I noticed this year, the daffodils I planted next to it are under it, so it really has grown.

Theresa, I love that white lilac, do you know the variety?

spedigrees, I love windchimes too and that is a pretty crabapple, can you make jelly from it?

kpaquette, Enjoyed that close up of the amsonia before it blooms. I usually see it when it is blooming, so that was educational. I've been debating getting one. LOVE those dark purple aquilegia. Are the leaves variegated? My foxglove have not opened yet.

Claire, that wisteria is GORGEOUS! Which kind is it, Chinese? I am afraid of such a strong grower. I saw an article about the American Wisteria, which I didn't know we had. What kind of support do you have it on? Your garden is looking fresh.

I am having problems with the focus on my camera which is why I haven't been taking many photos, but I think these are okay.

I left a lot of vegetables in their beds last fall and this is a scallion in the foreground that made it through the winter and is blooming. Behind it is a row of Brussel Sprouts that are flowering yellow. I love the bloom on it and they are covered with polinators.

Iris and aquilegia blooming, phlox subulata gone by and daylily, nepeta and callirhoe still to come.

A trio of spotted Romaine volunteered....

This long border runs west to east and this is the most color all season at this end and later in the season all the color is at the other end. I wish it would be this full of bloom all season....

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That first blooming clematis is in a pot up against my house, so it's not on schedule with everything else. There are a couple more blooming now though that are in ground.

Also some yellow columbine with the jacob's ladder still going strong in the background...


and peonies & baptisia.

God I hate my phone's camera. The colors look terrible, but hopefully everyone can imagine what the colors ACTUALLY look like! :)

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

PM2: I think that wisteria is Chinese; it fits most of the descriptions I've read. This was a freebie - I found a few vines in my parents' yard (after they were deceased) and I decided to try to make a standard out of them. I planted them on an obelisk, which they took over, then I reinforced the obelisk with rebar. I started somewhere during the late '90's or early '00's; I'm not sure when, and it took years before they bloomed, with regular pruning.

I wouldn't do it now. As I've been gardening here, I've come to the realization that I much prefer to let plants grow according to their nature rather than impose my aesthetic sense on them.

However, I have the blooming wisteria now, which gives me much pleasure (and is a favorite staging area for birds). The only alternative would be to move it onto the coastal bank and set it free, which would be fine for the wisteria but rough on the trees and shrubs that would be engulfed.


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Prairiemoon----what a gorgeous border!!!
And I'm sorry, I don't know which variety of white lilac I have!

Sarahrock---very pretty clemtis on your lamp post; is it pale pink?

A couple more things are opening up today:

Variegated weigela:

And HF Young clematis, which I always get excited about:


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girlcat36 -- It's somewhere between white and extremely pale pink. I rather wish I had planted something with more color there, though, so it'll probably be moved before too long.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

sarahrock, I do like that pale clematis on the lightpost. Nice large
white flowers on a white post with all that green is a pretty picture.

Claire, I didn't realize it took so long for wisteria to bloom. I'm definitely not
thinking of trying it anyway, just wouldn't want the job of keeping it under
control. Enjoy it you've earned it. :-) Your garden gets prettier every year.

Thanks, Teresa -- I am enjoying it this year more than in the past. It's been
a work in progress for about 6 years. I'm forever moving things and changing
it, but I have a few things in place now that I am happy with.

Very pretty Weigela...I just bought Weigela last year for the first
time. 'Wine and Roses' with the dark foliage and a dwarf that is new, 'Midnight Wine', dark foliage again. I'm trying to find a place for a variegated one. I almost bought one last year, but I need something smaller than the 4-5ft of variegata and the 'My Monet' is a little too small. I'm thinking maybe I should just get the variegata and keep it trimmed.

I didn't realize how large the blooms are on that 'HFYoung' Clematis. And I love the very pronounced center of the blossoms. I'll have to look that one up.

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kpaquette - just be aware that irises typically will not bloom the year after transplanting. Try to find a spot that they can grow into, and then you wont have to worry about dividing every few years.

claire - I am no longer jealous of your Solomons Seal since I picked mine up today. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had actually ordered 2 plants! Now to just pick a home for them!

prairiemoon - I also love your border. That is kinda of what I am going for on my property - lining my 2 side borders with huge flower beds. But right now I still have more visible mulch than flowers!

Normally I go out and photograph my gardens and yard every Monday morning. But this time of year I can't seem to go a week between photo sessions!

This is my new Clematis Carnaby. I got it a few weeks ago full of blossoms. It has survived transplanting and just bloomed. Hasn't grown much - as you can see it has barely made it to the first rung of the trellis. But I'm thrilled with the color!

Some irises in bloom down at the edge of the pond. This is the "dry" side of the pond and I'm happy to see that the irises are happy.

A purple allium from Christmas Tree Shops

Lunaria is making some beautiful seed pods. I only had about 50% germination of the Lunaria that I wintersowed this year, so I have plans for these seed pods!

Lastly, all this rain has caused many mushrooms to sprout up.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

pixie lou... you will get there! We ripped out our entire backyard with nothing left but lawn in 2006 and I've been adding small plants a little at a time for the most part and it is finally starting to look like a garden. So I am very familiar with the 'more visible mulch than flowers' stage. I have enjoyed every stage and remember the excitement of a blank slate. I love to look back at photos of how small everything was. So it's good you are taking lots of photos.

I love that Clematis color!! I haven't heard of that one. Not that I've heard of a lot. I'm just getting interested in Clematis. It also looks like a large blossom and if it is blooming at that height, it would seem you have a performer. Where do you buy clematis?

I have Lunaria all over my yard here and there. It reseeds great for me. I never have to start seed at all. Sometimes I have only mulched the front of some of my borders and the lunaria reseed a lot along the back of the bed where there is bare ground.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

May is such a nice month, when everything keeps getting better than it was a few weeks ago!

Percy is out of his cage! My rhododendron 'Percy Wiseman' spent all winter and early spring in a chicken wire cage to foil the squirrels that eat the buds (none of my other rhodies have that problem. There's a late rhododendron to the right of Percy that was outside the cage and still has buds). When the buds started opening I took off the cage (I left a few posts in the back) and doused the rhodie with the same squirrel repellent I used on the wisteria.

I need to rig up some kind of more decorative cage I can just lower on the rhododendron in late fall and pick off in early spring.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Siberian Irises are a weed around here, but a well loved weed. They seed around and appear in all sorts of places, some appropriate and some not. I use them as fillers and move them when they fill too much.

These irises were moved into what was once a bare spot (also known as lawn) visible from my deck. Meadow phlox is following them and will bloom after the irises are done.

The first bearded iris has bloomed.


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Colors are looking a little better for me on this overcast morning...

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molie(z6 CT)

Oh, my goodness, this is such a great thread! Last year I promised myself 'more whites in the garden!'

I loved the double Trillium (Can't imagine what that cost --- but whatever, it's worth it), the hostas, the dianthus (I think, in Sararock's post), the Clematis Miss Bateman, the white Allium and Sandwort, the petite Columbine, the white Dicentra and the Deutzia. I just love the way the whites sparkle in summer gardens!


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Possibly there is a setting on your phone camera for 'exposure compenstaion' which may be set to the
"+" setting. It causes everything to be overexposed which seems to be the case. Just a thought. But really nice plants!

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Love looking at all the beautiful gardens, like a garden tour on my iPad!

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Hello All!

I usually just lurk and look at all the pretty gardens but I will share a few pics too.... I don't know how to make a link to click on but below is a mini slide show.

Thank you all for sharing your pictures, I have added many things to my gardens that I have seen and liked here!


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terrene(5b MA)

Wow, coming late to this thread but enjoying the pictures! Normally there isn't that much blooming in the gardens in May, but everything seems to be blooming 2-3 weeks early. Here's a few pics from the last few days:

Assorted Digitalis purpurea, just starting to bloom -

Dianthus barbatus, started from seed -

Peonies are coming in, but if we get any significant rain this week, they're going to flop -

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Out my window this morning, looking toward the east on a foggy morning. Rose Zepherine Drouhin climbing up the deck and Siberian irises below. I love roses and Siberian irises, which is a good thing because I have an awful lot of Siberian irises.


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spedigrees z4VT

Your border is absolutely gorgeous, Prairiemoon! I love your rose colored peonies, Sarahrock. They are beautiful even in the over-exposed picture. I love Siberian iris too, Claire. Mine are getting ready to bloom, but not there yet. Yours look lovely accompanied by your roses. Terrene, your digitalis look absolutely magical. Very nice. This thread is like a garden tour.

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corunum z6 CT(6)

This thread is better than a garden tour - no biting bugs.

Hard to see in this picture that my not so secret corner garden is 32 x 24, but it is and those 768 sq. feet can grow hundreds of pounds of exotic things (aka weeds). However, in back of the bench there are Chinese tree peonies (now gone by) and regular peonies, now in bloom. A bench in the garden with the fragrance of peonies makes pulling out all those 'weeds' worth the while. And, I found a family of toads! Yes!

and before last night's rain


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Great, new photos!

Claire, I don’t usually love siberian iris, but you have used it in such a natural way that I do like them. They look so natural there with subtle gracefulness and love the combo with the pink rose.

Sarah, love that Clematis and nice color in your garden.

Nice to see your garden Terrene. Yes, everything here is about 2 weeks ahead. Great stand of Foxglove. I think I have just one. (g) Beautiful peonies. Hope they made it through the week without the rain ruining them.

Jane, that is one gorgeous photo of your peony. You caught the light just right. And I can’t help but wonder if you live near a conservation area, you have so much wildlife in your garden!

The sun was out this morning and keeps ducking in, but I caught a few photos while everything was at least dry....

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spedigrees z4VT

Your corner garden is sweet, Jane. I would spend a lot of time on that bench admiring your flowers and landscaping efforts.

You said it, this thread is the best garden tour to take when the biting insects are at their worst!

Your yellow and peach colored roses are beautiful, Prairiemoon.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Last day of May and checking to see what's interesting out there.

Geranium 'Biokovo' with Dicentra 'Gold Heart' leaves, miscanthus and hosta.

And my peonies have finally started to open!

Peony 'Festiva Maxima' next to a variegated miscanthus. Knockout Rose in the background isn't open yet.

I'm looking forward to June's thread! Thanks, pixie_lou!


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Jane, that peony is absolutely gorgeous - which one is it? And PM2, your roses are beautiful - pretty healthy-looking foliage also. What is the variegated plant in that first photo? Nice mix of textures there.

Great photos, everyone! I love to see everybody's gardens! Thank you for sharing them.


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Gorgeous, gorgeous photos everyone!
I feel like my gardens are a week or two behind everyone elses. My peonies, roses, and foxglove have barely started to bloom.
I can't wait for June garden pics!

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corunum z6 CT(6)

Hi Dee, Have no idea which one it is, no label in my manila envelope stuffed with plant tags. I do have a vague recollection of a $3 Ocean State Job Lot box with a white peony on it maybe 4 years ago. Sorry.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi Dee, I am pleasantly surprised that the foliage on the roses is so good this year. So far, I've seen less damage than usual, even from winter moths (knock on wood) and I credit that crazy weather start we had this season. The variegated foliage is 'Autumn Charm' Sedum. My second one. The first was just not very vigorous, but this one seems promising.

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I just downloaded and uploaded photos for the 1st time in 2 weeks. I doubt I'll get the June thread up tonight - since I want to finish dealing with my photos. But I'll have it up some time tomorow.

prairiemoon - I usually buy my clematis from the Middlesex Conservation District. They have a spring plant sale every year. That is where I got Carnaby this year. I'm starting lunaria from seed since I only had 1 little plant - which I stole from somewhere. And I don't have enough patience to wait for it to reseed itself!

claire - your comment about Siberian Iris being a weed got me thinking about mine. I've been putting them around the pond. These are the siberian irises I've transplanted - the 3 photos are 1 year old plants, 2 year old plants and 3 year old plants.

terrene - what an amazing path of digitalis. I see lots of blossoms forming, but no blooms yet.

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Now for new things in bloom in my garden.

My first day lilly.

I think this is ornithogalum





And lastly - the veggie garden is finally in bloom!

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spedigrees z4VT

Your Siberian irises look like they are in their element around your pond, Pixielou. It's the perfect setting for them.

It looks like you've added some pinwheels to your veggie garden since last year! I love it! So colorful!

    Bookmark   June 1, 2012 at 2:04AM
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terrene(5b MA)

Pixie lou, I know it's June 1st already, but what's the 2nd peony you posted with the pink and yellow? That's a beauty. Does it flop as much as the fluffy double ones? I was thinking about getting a single peony or 2 since I'm sick of staking floppy double peonies.

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Terrence - its a mistake. I bought a pkg of 2 roots 3 years ago at bjs. It was supposed to be white - the same as the white ones I posted. So it will be shovel pruned real soon. But it is a gorgeous peonie!

Spedigrees - I do love the siberians around the pond. The area with the 4 year old plants has completely choked out the weeds! And since all these came as freebies - finding white ones blooming was an added bonus! In the meantime lily of the valley and forget me nots have randomly appeared around the pond and I'm really loving the happenstance blue and white color scheme.

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terrene(5b MA)

What?? You're going to compost that peony? Gosh, somebody would love to give it a home, myself included!

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Terrence - I know you are technically supposed to wait until September to transfer peonies. But if you are willing to take it now you can have it.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

PM2, I THOUGHT that was a sedum! I even originally asked if it was, but then retyped my question in case I was wrong and I didn't want to look silly, lol! That's a beauty!


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i uploaded some of my photos in the wrong thread , i apologize i didnt realize there was a current thread going . here are some of things currently growing in my garden :)

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