New raised bed over 4oclocks

GeoMabApril 15, 2013

Greetings all, I am a total gardening noob and am asking for some help. I have a approx 3' by 15' "garden space across the from of the house. It has a southern exposure for what its worth here in the PNW. My question is this. 4 o clocks have owned this space forever and the dirt is so full of seeds you can't tun a shovel without seeing dozens. True to form they return every year, grow like weeds and go to seed. I'd like to build a raised bed in this space and am unsure how to proceed. Is it feasible to lay weed barrier (what type) and build the up over this? Will the barrier and lack of sun keep the 4 o clocks from growing? Everything I've read thus far suggest the 4 o clocks are extremely hard to get rid of. The 4oclocks have not shown yet. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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laurell(8 - Washington)

There are a few "easy" options that should help fix this problem.

1)Let them sprout, then fertilize, wait a couple days, and spray with round-up. Continue to water until they grow themselves to death. Then no weed seeds and the weeds are dead

2)Build your raised bed. Cover thoroughly with cardboard (will break down after the weeds are dead and not be annoying when cultivating in the future) and then soil. Careful not to puncture cardboard in your first year.

3) A firebomb type attack in which you use #1, then put down preen or casoron, then follow through with #2. This is likely to be overkill, but also likely to be the most effective method. You may have poor success with things growing for a few years in this bed as a result, but you're also unlikely to have 4-o'clocks growing in this bed either, which is the intended goal.

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laurell(8 - Washington)

Did a little more reading. Looks like you may have multiple round-up applications as more and more seeds begin to germinate.

Another option would be to cover them thoroughly with black plastic sheeting and let them cook when we eventually get a few warm days this summer.

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