Hosta Library Auction splurges!!!!

flower_frenzy(8a)August 15, 2013

I went crazy at the Hosta Library Auction and bought 9 hostas from Naylor Creek Nursery. They arrived today and they're huge! From left to right in this picture are: First Love, Olympic Sunrise, Pathfinder and Heat Wave.

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Those were potted up. (Ugly pots, I know. I'm just wintering them over in my unheated garage until I can find permanent homes next Spring.)

Here are 'First Love' and 'Pathfinder'.

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Here are 'Olympic Sunrise' and 'Heat Wave'.

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The other 5 (from left to right) are: Clear Fork River Valley, Great Escape, Dream Weaver, Silver Serenity and Devil's Advocate. I didn't get individual pics of these, as they're already in the ground and the light in that part of the garden at this time of day is horrible for taking pictures.

Feel free to add any comments and pictures of your own. I'd love to see some mature specimens if anyone has any of these.

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Great looking plants! My favorite would be Devil's Advocate. I love the color. I would grow it if I had the space.


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Nice haul!

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DD-I think you're right about space. It's a sport of Blue Angel, and it seems that it has inherited mom's size! I bid on it before I read the size (stupid me) because I loved the subtle colors. Luckily, I have 1 spot that's large enough to handle it. I just hope it likes it there.

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I was looking at some of those too, but bid on a couple of others.
Here is a young Dream Weaver. I think you will like it.

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Very nice! Aaaaaaand pardon me while 'Heat Wave' goes on 'The List'...'Clear Fork River Valley' is already on it. Nice purchases; Enjoy!

Don B.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Nice plants! I think Pathfinder and Devil's Advocate are going on my want list.....

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Don-I think 'Heat Wave' is going to be a good one. I like the color combo in the smaller size. BTW, Naylor has tons of plants currently on auction at the Hosya Library...including 'Heat Wave'! (Enable., enable) lol

Mbug-I like your 'Dream Weaver'. I'm glad I bought it, even though I swore I wasn't going to buy another slow grower. That one seems worth it, though. I'm glad that we didn't end up bidding against each other!

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

Here's the Clear Fork River Valley that I recently saw at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, MI. That one is definitely on my list.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

have you succeeded in wintering them over in a structure.. in z8? .. surprised it gets cool enough.. long enough

nice selection


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idiothe(4 MN)

Let's see...

Don't be fooled by that young foliage on First Love - that is a reversed montana Aureomarginata - I'm not sure how it is different from On Stage. This is a Marco Fransen plant (so how come it isn't Paradise something?!) and he doesn't register his. I grow his Paradise Backstage - which is a reversed On Stage - which didn't end up looking like montana Aureomarginata...

complex - nonetheless it should be a large plant with large leaves... and will probably take some time to get there as montanas tend to be a little slower than some other hostas...

Pathfinder... another of the Patriot clan... they all have the good white and dark green contrast...

Olympic Sunrise - a fun one from the Halcyon clan. Olympic is the naming for hostas originated by the Naylor Boyz.

I gave Gary a hard time when they took it out of their catalog - he said they just have to make room for the new ones each year. It is different from the rest of the clan... coloring not too different from Paradise Joyce or maybe Katherine Lewis... but left alone the leaves get enough larger that casual observers will not place it in the family.

Ah... Heat Wave. It will be lovely - truly beautiful! But... I've been growing tokudamas for at least 20 years... and every few years they produce one they say is a faster, stronger grower.

Bright Lights was supposed to replace Tokudama Aureonebulosa because it is a faster grower. I didn't find it to be noticeably faster - but it is easier to sell with that name than with the TA name.

So Heat Wave is supposed to be a stronger grower than Bright Lights. With the wider margins, there might be some truth to that. It is a lovely plant - but mine has been tokudama-slow.

Great Escape - slow, slow for me...

Dream Weaver - slow, slow for me...

all worth growing... here is wishing you some patience!

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Eleven-lovely picture of CFRV! I can't wait until mine looks like that. Even though mine is small now, it already shows heavy corrugation. It's definitely not one for smooth hosta lovers.

Ken-yes, I've overwintered in the garage before. It seems to be ok. They do tend to break dormancy a bit early (say 4 weeks), but it hasn't been a problem as long as I leave them inside until the outside hostas start. I haven't kept any in pots longer than a year though. I usually move them into the ground, but I have no more room with the smaller lot we have now. Is it going to be a problem (long-term) if they keep breaking dormancy early? Maybe I'd be better off tipping them on their side and leaving them outside. I was just concerned about the freezing and thawing that's bound to happen faster in a pot than it does in the ground.

Idiothe-thank you for all of the great information! I knew some of those were slow growers, but I just couldn't help myself! They looked worth the wait and I have plenty of other faster-growing hostas to keep me busy. I was especially intrigued with 'First Love'. It looks a lot like 'On Stage' but the colors appear to be darker. I think it's going to be a beauty when it finally grows up. I'm going to be keeping that one in a pot. Maybe it'll help with the growth rate...who knows? I was surprised to hear that 'Great Escape' was slow for you. I wasn't expecting it to be as it 's a sport of 'Halcyon' and those always grow fairly quickly for me. Do others in the 'Halcyon' family grow slow for you?

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I too recently succumbed to the Hosta Library Auction and ordered 6 new ones from Naylor Creek: They always have such nice, good sized, carefully packed and shipped hosta.

Morning Star
Devil's Advocate
Sara's Sensation
Alligator Alley
Christmas Pageant

I'll post pics of mine soon in a separate thread.

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idiothe(4 MN)

f-f Halcyon family typically is medium in growth... but there are a few exceptions in the crowd. June Fever is a pretty fast grower... and Devon Green given enough water and good soil will grow faster (I believe) than Halcyon.

Silver Scrolls can be downright glacial in growth. Great Escape was registered as medium in vigor - but the other wide white-margined Halcyon sport, Blue Ivory, is recognized as a slow grower. For me, GE grows... but on the slowish side compared with other family members.

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Thanks, idiothe. I guess only time will tell, but I'll set my expectations on slow so I don't get frustrated. Luckily, the Naylor Creek Boyz set me up with large plants and/or double and triple divisions so nothing looks too puny.

Hostahosta-looks like you've got a nice haul as well! I think you probably were the one that outbid me on 'Christmas Pageant', though! Lol

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