Fragrant Bouquet & Fragrant Dream?

smithstudios71(5)August 17, 2013

I believe these are FB & DB, what do you think? I know I am breaking all kinds of I.D. rules by posting this way, but I got these from my Grandfather who is more into raising Japanese Maples, Firs, Spruces and his greenhouse full of Orchids. He is also 87 and can't remember the names of any of his Hostas, other than his large and very green Guacamole.

I think the one on the left is FB, what do you think? The blooms are very fragrant.

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Major question is, how long has your grandfather owned these particular hosta? That will verify or eliminate the names of recent hostas. He sure has some beautiful fragrant hosta. I'd love to see his Guacamole......especially post a picture here for our Guacamole afficianado, Don B, who has about 20 of them by now. :)

For the NOIDS,I think Fragrant Bouquet is correct. (picture to follow)

The Fragrant Dream, I am not so sure. Mine is growing in a container since I got it in late 2011. Here is its picture taken 8/12/13 after a lot of blooming and a lot of rain

Here's Fragrant Bouquet on the same day 8/12/13

Consider that both are growing in zone 9a and get morning sunlight probably in the best location in my garden, with almost too much rain this year.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

The one on the left? I'm not seeing it, but I could be wrong. The leaves look too pointy, off color (could be the pic), and just not right. Here's a pic of my 'Fragrant Bouquet' showing the shiny green apple leaves:

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I guess I can where the second one might be 'Fragrant Dream'. Mine goes through a lot of color changes throughout the season. Here is a recent pic of it blooming, and both colors will get a little more intense before the summer ends:

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The 'Fragrant Bouquet' hmmm, don't know about that (This is mine), but the 'Fragrant Dream' I think you have. Could be wrong, of course. Nice plants. Looks like you have 'Hosta Fever' pretty bad....Never a bad thing. : )

Don B.

EDIT: Could be that it is just the way the leaves are bunched-up that make me think 'no' for FB, though.

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Here's my mature Fragrant Bouquet

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The plant on the left, from what I can see in its current state of being taped up, would more likely be So Sweet. The one on the right doesn't look like a fragrant type.

When you plant these make sure that the roots are covered. I think I can see the roots still in their current holding area, but you don't ever want to see roots after planting or the hosta won't be able to draw up water to hold itself up. The newest roots develop just above the old ones, and if the old ones are showing, new roots won't develop.

Hope that helps.


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I will definitely take some pictures of his Hostas, next time I get down there and even though it would be off topic, I will take some of his $100+ Orchids that he is raising.

What's funny is he tells me I can take all I want of the Hostas, as long as I leave him at least one of each, except for his minis. The Guacamole, it is close to 4' wide!

I have an Uncle in town that has one of the largest Frances Williams I have personally seen. My Aunt doesn't like Hostas , if you can believe that and wants to get rid of it, but he says no way, but he has told me to come and take some of it.

And yes, I am suffering from "Hosta Fever" real bad! Just ask my DW. I just can't stop thinking of them and all things related. My part of Indiana is a lonely place for Hosta Lovers! Hallson Gardens is a little over 2 1/2 hours away and Harbor Lane Gardens is more like 10!

Besides these two, I now have 3 Guacamole, 1 Fried Bananas, 1 Fried Green Tomatoes, 2 Stained Glass and 1 Cathedral Windows. Can you see where I am heading? I really love the Fragrant hostas. I also have a Royal Standard.

I may end up with some more when we go into town for the annual Tractor & Engine Show next Tuesday. Portland has town wide garage sales during this time and if someone is having a garage sale and has some large, mature, healthy hostas I don't have, I am thinking about seeing if they will part with a couple eyes on the cheap. Around here, you see a lot of Hosta, but not many collectors.

I know, call me crazy!

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Moccasin(z9aMobileAL) have stumbled upon a whole forum of kindred spirits with a love for fragrant hosta. Stick with us, and you will be properly enabled before winter arrives. hehehehe. oh yeah.

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The hosta on the left could be either So Sweet or Summer Fragrance. I have both and I can't really see a difference between the two except Summer Fragrance is a bit larger (taller) than So Sweet. Also, the leaves on So Sweet emerge with a yellowish margin but by mid-late summer, the yellow fades to near white.

I love the fragrant hostas, too and just added about a dozen new ones. Would love to have the newest...Doubled Up and Dan Patch, both supposed to be very fragrant, but they're both a tad pricey so I put them on the back burner and went with the older, more rea$onable ones for now.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

The one on the right kind of looks like Francee to me. The really dark green with the vivid white edge might also be one of her progeny.


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Here are some pictures of my Grandpa's Hostas and others.

First off, here is his Guacamole, it is much darker green than any of the ones I have, mine are in much more sun.

Here is the one I thought was Fragrant Bouquet, but now I do believe is So Sweet.

And then the one I thought was Fragrant Dream

His greenhouse full of Orchids

And last but not least, my phones terrible attempt at a macro shot

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