Krugerrand vs Sutter's Mill

zkathy(7a NC)August 13, 2014

So what gives with these? Both High Noon x Big John by the same hybridizer. I was hard pressed to see the differences on my internet searches. Any opinions about one being preferable to the other?


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bkay2000(8a TX)

I missed your point, Kathy, High Noon is by Mildred Seaver and appears to be yellow. Big John is Clarence Owens and appears to be green. Balitewicz did the other two, both yellow.

So what do you want opinions about, their similarities or their performance?


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mikgag Z5b NS Canada

Krugerrand is big,beautiful,reasonably fast growing and glows in the sun.....up until 2 weeks ago when it was eaten by a friggin' deer. Otherwise I'd post a pic. Don't have Sutter's Mill but have heard it's very slow.

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zkathy(7a NC)

Bk, I always edit my posts and that time a little too severely. I wanted comparisons of the hybrids Sutter's Mill and Kruggerand.

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zkathy(7a NC)

So here's the pic. This bed has Key West, Golden Gate and Journey's End. I've found another home for JE and want to replace it with either Krugerrand or Sutter's Mill. Any comments about the similarity or differences of these sibling hostas? Both are hybrids of Big John crossed with High Noon.


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My Sutter's Mill is quite slow growing but I think it will be pretty cool. Journey's End is way too large for that spot, and it think your two replacement choices are as we'll.

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