Great Greenhouse Plant Source in OKC 1980s

jbf16falcon(Z6b Owasso, OK)January 15, 2013

I stopped at a greenhouse on a major street in an older section of OKC in the early 1990s and found plants you just don't find anywhere. It was a bit old at that time and plants were growing all over the place up walls and posts and some much too large for their pots but looking quite happy. A virtual jungle. I believe it was several attached greenhouses wood and corrugated fiberglass panels. A husband and wife operation and the gentleman came accross as maybe a then retired professor. Does anyone in the OKC area remember such a place?

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Do you recall what section of OKC it was in, like East, West, Central, South, North?

There are 3 that I recall that were located in older neighborhoods. The first is Horns, on Northwest Expressay. Alas, they closed just last year, after nearly 100 years in business.

The second, is Satterlee's on May Avenue, now closed as well. The closed sometime in the 2000's, but I don't recall the exact year.

Another, was Warren & Sons Nursery, in Del City, Oklahoma, on NE 23rd Street. They closed in 2003, and ownership transferred to O'Higgins. Not as innovative as Warren & Sons. Mr. Warren carried a lot of rare and unusual plants. I still have a passion vine that I purchased in 2000 from the nursery.

There was also one cslled Moesel's, on NW 10th Street, that is closed as well now, I believe, that carried a lot different plants not found in many local nurseries.

The only ones remaining in operation now in OKC that could possibly have any interest to me are TLC (one on Memorial and one on NW Expressway), Precure (main store I shop is on NW 63rd Street and Meridian), and Marcum's on the South side.


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sounds like Moesels to me.

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jbf16falcon(Z6b Owasso, OK)

Used Google Maps Street View and it wasn't any mentioned. The Greenhouse sat just off a busy older major street with only one row of parking in front of it. Solid corrugated metal and wood post fence ran a about 200 feet just in front of the greenhouse itself. I think N. of HWY 40 so that leaves a lot of area. I was stationed in San Antonio and it was just a three day trip to Tinker so I didn't have a clue where I was when I found the place. Just know I loaded up on plants. One of which eventually led to now keeping about 1,300 cultivars of South African Clivia. So subconsciously I don't know if I was trying to remember so I could go chew him out, if he was still living, or to go thank him. LOL Thank you all for the help though!

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I know this place, but don't think it's there any more. It was on N.W. 10th street. An old couple owned it. I believe their son has the store out on west 10th and Council(?) I buy soil from them and they have very nice greenhouses also.

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My first thought was Moesel's Hort-Haven, at NW 10th and Portland. The location is just west of the fairgrounds, and catty-corner from the Oklahoma county OSU extension center office. Mrs. Moesel's was an active volunteer in the 4-H program, but I have no recollection of Mr. Moesel. What I remember most about Mrs. Moesel was her distinctive voice.

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The Moesel's were well-known in the OKC gardening community. Rodd Moesel, their son, owns the wholesale company, American Plant Products that you speak of, Organicfrmr. OKC Organics is a retail source for their products. They were members of our local Begonia club, the Barkley Branch of the American Begonia Society, and often spoke at our meetings. Very nice folks.


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I recall hearing her on the radio and I can still hear her say: " I'm Marjorie Moesel with "Tips for Gardening"

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Sorry for being a bit late.
It was Rubys that was at NW 10 and Portland.
Moesel's was just east of Meridian on NW 10, about a block away from the old Hobby Lobby.
There was another farm and garden store on 39th Expressway between Tulsa and Meridian, don't remember what the name of it was.

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I also remember Marjorie Moesel. She came to the Master Gardeners meetings to give talks. Great lady. I was a member of class of 1999. Her business closed down shortly there after.


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Try American Plant Products, they are still in business

NW 10th, just west of county line rd.

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