Okra viability

Lisa_H(7)January 17, 2011

If you didn't see my followup post this weekend, I found a bunch of seed on clearance. Part of my haul was Clemson Spineless okra seed from 2010. I was looking up Cow Horn okra and read than okra seed should not be kept for a year, it loses 80% viability.

Is that your experience? Did I just get all excited over nothing?

I don't want to send these seeds if they are not going to be useful.

(the Cow Horn okra was not labeled as 2010 seeds, but I suppose it could have been too...I bought it in bulk from Horns.)


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I would have bought it. Even if you have less than perfect germination, most people (like me) plant it too close anyway. I have kept okra seed several years and it still germinated OK anyway.

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Horn's told me the cow horn seed should be soaked for a day before planting. I could see where that might it easier to spot good seed.

Do you normally soak your okra seed?


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Lisa, I think soaking seems to make it germinate a little quicker but I think warm soil is much more important. I agree with Carol in that everybody plants okra to closely,its so cheap there is no reason not to. I hate to cut down or pull up extra plant and sometimes transplant with post hole diggers. Even at that I still have to many plants.


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I've had okra seed germinate after four or five years of storage.

Tahlequah, OK

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Whew!!! Thank you for the positive responses! Honestly, I'm sending enough seed that they could probably take less viability.

Larry, your Farmer's Coop idea was genius! I found some really great deals there.

I'm really pleased with all that I found. The two orphanages should get a good start on veggie gardens.

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Thanks everyone for the prompt replies. Johnny's has their Millionaire hybrid on sale. I love this variety so I bought extra packets. Good to know that it will still be good by the time I use it.

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