butternut squash

martchejApril 20, 2013

I live in Portland and want to grow butternut squash. I've started seeds in peat pots and have 6 seedlings now. When should I plant in the garden bed? seems to wet and cold right now. Thanks

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Yes, the soil is too wet and cold here for beans, squash, corn, etc. Another 4 to 6 weeks and all should be fine.

Squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers can be fussy to transplant, you will have to put your seedlings into larger (4 to 6") pots soon to give the roots space and the plants more time to await better outdoor conditions.

Or you can plant them out now and go through the rigor of using plastic cover, cloches, etc. Birds sometimes peck at these very young seedlings, best to have them covered anyway.

Butternut (and other squashes) seed can be planted directly in the ground in late May here and with a decent summer, the squash will turn light brown by 1 October. Then it is best to store the squash in an 80-degree space for a couple of weeks to complete ripening and enhance long-term storage.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

"Growing Your Own Food" is a helpful publication from Oregon State University.

It's at http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/handle/1957/21092

See page 7 for a chart w/ planting dates.

Here is a link that might be useful: grow your own pub

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Need to add -- Portland is in Region 2

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Also, start loosening up your soil and turn the top few inches over every week or so rather than waiting until near planting time. Getting air into it will help it warm up and be more hospitable to seeds or seedlings. Winter squash needs to bloom in June and fill out by August here.

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