When does Dahlia sprout in Vancouver BC

burnabyApril 30, 2009

Hi friends. I plant the Dahlia tubers in my yard a month ago. But nothing comes out since then. Is there anything wrong? It's my first year to try Dahlia. I'm in Vancouver BC. In zone 7 or 8? Not sure. Hope I can get some instruction from you. Thanks ahead.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

A month ago might have been too cold and therefore too early. Or the tubers weren't viable.

Slugs are apt to go for them when they are small, perhaps they did come up and the got sheared off, without you noticing.

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Dose it mean my Dahlias will never come out? What can I do? So sad!

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I'm in Richmond,BC. I have a few Dahlias in the ground 3-4 years,nothing come out yet,unless this winter did them in.I still think too early to tell.

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Dahlias can be planted in May or alternatively you can plant them in pots indoors and transfer them out in May.For our area it is far to cold and to wet to plant them in April.You can purchase new tubers and plant them soon again.They should ideally be removed from ground in fall and replanted in May.Slugs love them so slug bait is a must when they are sprouting.

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I'm very curious about what's happening to my Dahlia. So... This weekend I tried to dig two of them out. They have tiny shoots already. I put one of them back. And transplanted the other one in a pot. That's my craze story.

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I have Dahlias in my Portland garden (variety Procyon) that have survived in the ground since 1987. They are in a raised bed of sandy loam soil. I originally planted several varieties in that same area, and only Procyon survived. So it's hard to draw a conclusion. I planted three Procyon in my new garden in Kalama in Spring 2008, and all are emerging from the soil at the beginning of May. New tubers will take much longer to emerge. Be patient.

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