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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)August 6, 2012

I think I have my hubby convinced to write me a smart phone app to catalog my hosta collection.

I'm hoping it'll allow me to log eye counts and take photos while out in the garden.

I know it'll take a while for him to build the program, but maybe, just maybe, he can have it done by next spring?

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I'd be happy if I could find a way to carry the .mdb (Micro$oft Acce$$ Database file) in my smartypants fone, and even better yet, even operate it, such as add, delete, change entries.



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maybe he'll offer it for free... available from google play store for android...with pics and links to hosta library

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Amazing that you people actually can read the print on such small screens, sometimes in sun. Then you need to clean your fingers after occasional weeding to touch the screen... Good luck and have fun! Bernd

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hostahillbilly...would Thinkfree office work on your phone?. Not sure if it reads .mdb files

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Yo, great suggestion. I, using your suggestion, went searching.

Turns out that, as so often, ur suggestion about app 'ThinkFree' doesn't, as all to often, support DB (DataBase) programs or functions.

However!, it lead me to find other apps that do, and I'll be further researching them, so thanks for sending me on the journey to being able to continue documenting our gardens by merely yanking my smartypants fone offa my belt when I dig out a bad plant to a 'rescue' pot, change a plant in bed 'x', and so forth.

You led me down a new discovery path, thank you!


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

You are going to have to change your name to Hi-tekHostaHillBilly. Then you could be triple H.


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Okay, so what would work with an Android smarty phone OR the Android tablet?

I've used my ASUS TF201 camera out in the garden because it has a 5mp camera, and I can upload from the camera directly to Flickr...or I suppose to Photobucket as the case may be...but as far as indexing and keeping track of things, I haven't a clue what DB to use. Now, I am sending my ASUS in for repair since it overheated at the power adaptor and inside the power-on button near the battery I THINK. I'm not that good with Android, but am familiar with Windows.

Currently my hosta records are kept on the Windows 7 computer and a smart drive in the AZZ Cardfile software, which I've used for years. However, I had a glitch occur and for some reason it did not let me update as I'M NOT ADMINISTRATOR OF MY OWN PERSONAL COMPUTER. And THAT, my friends is a witch when it happens. I have to open it and run as administrator, another witchy thing. I'm thinking of renaming my computer HAL.

I also had a hard time with the computer telling me I was "out of memory" and I have 8GB of memory on the computer, but it was because of the big pictures. The last time I got into the gardening database, I went through card by card and reduced every image to a very small size. Not thumbnail, but not much bigger than that. The software designer helped me through it all, did not realize that changing MY name when I got married was what told my computer that I was not authorized to save changes to the garden files, it had to see my marriage license!!! Crazy the software developer (in Europe somewhere) gave me a new license with the new name on it, and I'm back in business, just being very cautious from now on. Do you realize what a LOSS it would be should this information be inaccessible? What a revolting development!!

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moc, et. al.,

Memento and HanDBase were the two smarty-pants fone and tablet type database apps that have my interest.

One of them has an 'add-on' (for $) that claims to be able to both import and export to M$ Acce$$ .mdb format.

It will probably going into winter before I take the time and money to investigate further.

Perhaps there's a 'flat-file' DB app out there, and it would be faster, simpler, and mostly do the job.

However, my current DB uses several 'relational' features, and since I don't want to try to keep up two DB's, I looked only at DB's that claimed relational capabilities, and the ability to 'sync' with other copies of said DB.



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I think it is close to winter time and time to get HH back on duty here. And Melissa, where are you honey?

And AlmostHooked and McTavish, and Berndny and Ludi, all the Hosta Nerds. Quick, do something before spring gets here!

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Moccasin, since you mention my name, we have no Smart phones, only use basic Tracphones. We have our data in PCs, can not see small pictures.
Though I am looking forward to take more and better pictures this year. Bernd

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Bernd, excusez moi, I believe it was Babka....a different B.

My ASUS TF201 tablet has a pretty good camera, and if I take a good picture and I'm close enough to our wi-fi connection, I can upload it within a few seconds to Flickr.

It leaves off the date, which I want to appear. And Flickr resizes pictures. But nothing is too small to view. I'll have to try it again, now that the overheating problem is corrected.

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Oh great. Now in addition to hostas, I have to go out and buy a SmartPhone. Thanks a lot, techies! ;)

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Hey y'all....
I don't frequent the forum in the winter, as that has become my outlet for my other hobby... pottery.

I have, however, been doing more work on the Smart Phone issue. Hubby was too challenged by the notion, so I've moved on to another avenue and may have something exciting to report on that front very soon. Stay tuned!

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Oh, great to hear from you in the winter, Melissa. Take your time--we'll be here. :)

Happy New Year!

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thisismelisa.. Show us some of your pottery! I am a pottery freak and have had to stop buying so much as I don't have any more room for it(almost stopped)
Mocc.. I have a Iphone given to us last year for Christmas from my middle daughter but I never bothered getting a new card. We use it in the USA when travelling and I buy time as it is an open phone. I can still take pictures but never bother using it. I figure if someone needs to get hold of us they can wait until I get home or call the cops. Had enough phones when we had our own business and rang at all hours. And as far as anything for pictures all we could show you right now is snow and more snow. I am sick of that white stuff!

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