A companion plant question, flowering Elephant Ears ..

leafwatcher(zone 5)August 14, 2012

I was out giving some water to the Hosta, and trees, when I noticed a different pod shape in my Elephant Ears. I keep it in a pot and move it here and there depending on my mood, Any plant with huge leaves is a good plant ! So its a mobile companion at my place ;)

This year however it appears to be trying to make two blooms? It never has done this before..I think I have wintered this plant two years so far.. I don't know if the extreme heat it survived caused it to attempt a flower? or pod of some sort.. But this is new to me for sure..

I am of course new to gardening in general. I will be gone a week so if i don't answer right away you will know why ! Its dusk, but going to get a couple pics right now !

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

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Ah yes, they do flower. They like a lot of water, and rich soil, because they are really heavy heavy feeders. If it is blooming, it is a happy plant.

If it goes dormant in the winter, you can separate the new tubers into another pot. They can spread quite far in the ground.

We are a lot warmer in winter than your zone, but still the ones planted in the garden are subject to freeze damage. They melt down after a freeze to be a pile looks like elephant poop, and that seems to protect the bulb or tuber from itself freezing. Then next spring like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, a new shoot comes through the rotted organic matter. I generally cover it with a lot of pine straw, and then if it is raining a big plastic tarp over that should it be freezing rain. But they spread easily, and they grow back readily.

If you want to discuss elephant ears specifically, take a look at another garden forum, Tropicalesque. You'll discover folks there who have tropical style gardens all over the country.

But then, hosta look tropical-esque as well, with their strappy leaves and magnificent flower scapes. Fits right in.

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Thanks for sharing. I didn't know they bloomed.


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