WOW! This order knocked my socks off!!

mbug_gwAugust 15, 2013

Harbor Lane Gardens ( Jim - iodithe) order came today and I was in awe of the contents.
I couldn't believe the size of the box to begin with.
This is what came out...almost look like golf clubs

Fragrant Fire Paradise get a size perspective, they are on a 4 foot deck container and almost take up the whole length

Paradise Joyce Regal Promenade

Had to run around and find containers big enough for the roots. Ended up borrowing two from my neighbor's grandchildren (....can you guess which ones?)

Beautiful streaking on RegalPromenade

I couldn't be happier with the Hosta. These pictures don't do them justice. The whole process with Jim was a pure pleasure.
Thanks Jim!

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Those are amazing! They will be a great addition to your garden. Congratulations!! Lesley

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Impressive plants. That Regal Promenade is a looker.


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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

They look so healthy and a wonderful size. Lucky you!

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Those look great! I ordered from Jim earlier this year and as equally as pleased!

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That Jim is a great guy! I concur. The plants are impressive. Happy planting.


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Wowee, I'm going to become a customer of Harbor Lane, too!

Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i like the tape ... doenst it make it so much easier to stand them up in pails???


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Man,those plants ought to take right off and start growing,right after planting! They look more like OS plants,than those grown potted. Good growing! Phil

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idiothe(4 MN)

(humble shrug... glad they went to a good home!)

Sharp eyes will have noted that there is an error... like an idiot, somebody knew Mike selected Paradise Joyce and Paradise Glory - so he was thinking maybe the bonus plant should be Paradise Power and got that on his brain. But since Mike has quite a bit of sun, he got Fragrant Fire as a bonus instead.

But that plant in the pic isn't Paradise Power - which is Marco's margined sport of Sun Power. That one is the one Mike asked for - Paradise Glory - which is Marco's (pretty sure tetraploid) sport of Paul's Glory. [I think it is identical to St. Paul from Shady Oaks - I can't tell any difference in the two - excellent plant!]

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I received my golf clubs today also and picked 5 at Grandpa's house. It's like Christmas at the Smith house, at least for me! Better pictures to come, if you don't mind.

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ss...isn't that just awesome? Now you know I wasn't kidding. Can't wait to see them unwrapped and to find out what you have!

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And yes, I am going to drag this out!

Fried Bananas, Fried Green Tomatoes, Cathedral Windows, Revolution, Regal Splendor, all from Jim and beautiful. Fragrant Bouquet and four NOIDs from my Grandfathers house. What a good day!

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Great looking plants. Wonderful selection!

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I really like them and I really like your selection too. It gets me closer to collecting all of the Fragrant Bouquet family. After some research i think the second one from the right is Fragrant Dream. Looks almost identical to FB, but is a lot darker in the center.

...Honey Hill Wrinkled Rainslicker..not on sport list, but shows as a sport on database

...Mardi Gras...I like it too!

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Forgot to mention...Regal Splendor...bonus plant...thank you Jim!

Actually, it was better than Christmas!

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Ah, man!......
Those are all lovely.
And, how is our Jim holding up out there? Honey, you take it easy.

The ones I received in July early on are doing beautifully. It is difficult to say which I like the best, because it's all a matter of which one I'm looking at when you ask!

Tiajuana Brass is awesome, St. Paul is, Kiwi Full Monty, Striptease, Summer Lovin, Summer Serenade, Black Hills, LS Lollipop, several species because I do love seeing where hosta started.......I cannot remember the all offhand...I am still delighted daily by the ones I got from you.
Thank you much, Jim

Here is St. Paul in my garden, with a new flush of leaves.

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