Momma Possum and Babies

Tina_n_Sam(CT-Z6)May 21, 2013

Yesterday I posted a little blurb about an injured momma possum and her babies under CT Swap Part II. I did not see her today. However, the dollop of yogurt I left for her was gone. I am hoping she ate it and not the neighborhood cat, skunk, or raccoon.

Sad to say that the wildlife rehabilatators never returned my voicemails nor email.

I once again reached out to the Ansonia Nature Center for help. I was told to continue giving her the yogurt and included chopped boiled egg and water. Also, if she dies, then, collect her babies and the center will take them. Otherwise, she is on her own.

If the food I leave out tonight doesn't get eaten, I will look through the wooded area behind my yard. This will at least give her babies a chance.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

That's upsetting, Tina, that the wildlife rehabilitators didn't return your calls and emails. I could see them saying they couldn't take the possums and tell you why, but to ignore your contact is unprofessional (and unkind). At least the Ansonia Nature Center is responsive and will take the babies. I suppose it would make a good educational exhibit for visitors.

Good luck.


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So sad - I love possums. I've read that they are excellent neighbors, in that they don't really do any damage to anything and don't carry any communicable diseases. Good luck with her, I hope she recovers.

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molie(z6 CT)

I'm also surprised that you received no response from wildlife rehabilitators. I should think this kind of situation, an injured mother and her babies, would be the typical kind of call they get.

I did some online checking about what to do when a baby possum is found. The first thing you did --- contact a wildlife rehabilitator --- is exactly what was suggested because it's difficult to provide for the kind of environmental and bodily functions conditions that they need. Here's the link. Good luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: What to do if you find orphaned possums

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