Calibrachoa: slugs? fertilization suggestions?

wynswrld98(z7 WA)April 28, 2011

I plan on planting a lot of Calibrachoa both in ground and in hanging baskets.

(1) any concern re: slugs if planted in ground?

(2) suggestions for fertiliziation re: nn-nn-nn and how often apply?


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Slugs and snails LOVE this plant - I lost several starts overnight last season before even getting a chance to plant them. Completely defoliated!! This is a Sluggo candidiate for sure :-)

A general all-purpose (all three numbers the same) fertilizer is suitable for inground planting.....containers require a bit more attention and in addition to a slow-release like Osmocote at planting time, I water "weekly, weakly" with a soluble 'blue water' fert like MiracleGro. Annuals like these typically do require a routine fertilizer boost to keep them going all season.

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