help me pick a companion plant

drcindy(z8 WA)April 22, 2009

I need some help in choosing a companion plant for a small raised garden bed. It's south facing but under an eave, so it only receives morning sun and tends to get rather dry since the rains don't reach it and I'm a bit neglectful in the summer with watering. I've just planted a Hebe "Great Orne" in the center (it's just a small 2-gallon size now but I know it will get much larger) and there is a small butterfly bush to one side. I need to find something to place on the other side of the hebe that will like the water and light conditions and won't get too large, i.e. 3' or so. Any ideas? Thanks!

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My favorite plants for dry shade are Sarcoccoccas. They're evergreen, bloom in February (the flowers are insignificant but very fragrant). You could underplant with hardy Cyclamen (a combination of C. hederifolium, C. cilicium, and C. coum would give you flowers all winter)and the native Sedum spathifolium.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Osmanthus delavayi is blooming now, smells good, and has nice foliage, though a little open.

My Daphne tangutica is blooming great this year, surpassing my D. odora variegata. Daphne xtransylvanica= Caucasia Summer Ice is a lovely mounding shrub that blooms all summer unlike the spring-blooming ones.

I also like a couple of Hypericums I bought 3 years ago- H. frondosum and kalmianum- greyish foliage and yellow pincushion flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daphne tangutica

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