Countryman Peony Farm

peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)May 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

It's been awhile since I have visited but I have a feeling that all the wonderful gardeners here will probably be able to help me. I was discussing plants with a friend yesterday and was asked where did I get some of my different varieties of peonies from. I told him that I had not been to this one place that I usually visit around this time of year that is truly beautiful and I should probably put that place on my list of little summer trips that I would like to go to in the next couple of weeks. I said that it is Countryman's Peony Farm in Rutland, VT and I would call and see when the plants would be in bloom this year (because I heard they just had six inches of snow at the beginning of the month) and are they still allowing people to see the plants to choose for ordering.

To my dismay the phone number that I have from there catalog won't even connect, same with the fax number. I went to the Internet and did a search for a long time and see that even Oprah suggests the place but I don't know if they are still in operation and open for business.

Does anyone here know if Countryman's Peony Farm is still in business? It would be shame if it isn't. Thank you everyone.


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Never quite made it to Countryman's over all these years, though I visit friends
just outside of Rutland 3 or 4 times a year - and the family burial plot is up the
mountain in a little crossroads named Sherburne (but recently absorbed by
"Big Brother" Killington! ) You may already know this: Bill Countryman, the
professor turned peony guru, passed away in 2005. . .I understand his wife
and sons carried on the business, but I last read that back in 2007, I think.
Whether it's up and running now, I'm not sure, but I have a message in to my
friend in Shrewsbury and she can research anything that's happening in that
state. . .

I do, however, have knowledge of another peony farm in Vermont, a bit
closer to Rutland (southeast of it) in Belmont. . .their website is linked below.
When they open (late this year, on May 30th) they usually have ample potted peonies for sale, at the same time you visit the fields. . .if you see a peony
you really can't live without, they have a system whereby you write up an
order, pre-pay, and then they notify you IN THE FALL when they have been dug and are ready for pick-up. . .if you're driving a considerable distance,
this system may not work for you. . .there's really NO substitute for actually
seeing a peony in bloom before you buy it !


Here is a link that might be useful: Frost Hill Farm

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hi Carl,

Thank you so much. The last time we visited was 2007 Mrs. Countryman and her two sons were trying to keep up the establishment and it was a wonder. Never have I seen so many different varieties. It was wonderful and what you described for ordering a plant from Frost Hill Farm was exactly the way we decided and purchased from Countryman's.

Again thank you!


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