Are these weeds or flowers?

deanna_in_nh(5a/4b)May 28, 2011

These first two pictures are seedlings. I can't tell if they're seedlings from wonderful annuals (or perennials) I planted lasts year (and that was a lot of stuff) or from weeds. There sure are a lot of them. Any ideas? I did plant lots of chinese aster and calendula plants last year. Weeds or not?

The last plant I'm wondering about it sandwiched between the phlox at the bottom and the spiderwort at the top. It doesn't look like a seedling. Pretty sure it's a thistle, but I'm not sure why it has suddenly appeared, so before I yank it I thought I'd check. It sure does have big leaves!

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The first is a picture of cute little baby Calendulas and the plant in question in the 3rd picture is Burdock--best to dig it out as it has a large taproot. Not sure about pic 2.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I think in the second photo I do see some chinese aster seedlings. They are the ones with the kind of serrated edges and pointed leaves. Don't know about the other seedlings in picture 2.

I have been searching my yard for aster seedlings, as my winter sowing efforts with them were absolutely abysmal this year. I love these flowers and was very disappointed in my lack of germination. I've found a few seedlings here and there and I'm moving them to a prime spot!


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Thanks for the help! I didn't get my calendula sowed yet, was hoping to DS more this week. Nice to know I have LOTS and LOTS of them popping up anyway!

Diggerdee, do you need any aster seeds? I collected MANY from my plants last year. I am at least two months behind on my WS, so I was hoping to DS show them this week. I know they bloom in fall, but I was hoping I could plant from seed this late and still have them bloom on time. I thought the shortening days triggered their bloom more than maturity, but I'm not sure and can't find info. I believe mine are 'Crego' aster.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Deanna, thank you for your generous offer. But I have a ton of seeds - the problem is I think they are too old for good germination. I think I am going to try direct sowing ALL of them. I figure I might get something out of them. I have Crego and about 100 other varieties. Okay, obviously 'm exaggerating, but I do have about 25 kinds!

I just read recently that these can be succession-sown. I had never heard that before, and don't quite trust that for some reason, but might give it a try. Or maybe I should try it NEXT year, lol - the ones I'm sowing now are actually probably when I'd sow the second batch!

Good luck!

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Dee - I WS aster seeds from a trade and have zero germination in the container. I expected these would germinate given they're native plants but it would appear they don't lend themselves to winter sowing. I had a lot of things that didn't germinate this time around but unlike last year, the columbine, coral bells and astilbe all sprouted. Also have good germination on toad lily so that kind of offsets the disappointment on other things.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

gardenweed, I WSed asters for the first time about five years ago and had fabulous germination. For some reason, my results have declined each year since, even with new seed. I originally thought it was one of those things that does well with WS; now I'm not so sure. Just can't figure out why I had such great success initially and now I'm bombing out...


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I WS for the first time last year, too. I also had good aster germination. I know you said the seed was new, but did you get commercial or traded seeds? Mine were commercial, but they were a couple of years old. I wonder how my harvested seeds will do. Based on the answers to another weed thread I posted, I do probably have some volunteers popping up (fingers crossed)!

If your seeds were new commercial, then buy some more packs, stick them carelessly in a drawer, and WS them in a couple of years!

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