Do these IDs look good?

prairie_love(z3/4 ND)August 8, 2014

I am trying to be confident of IDs before I move hostas from their current location to another. As mentioned previously, these guys are all suffering in the current location, so please excuse the lack of vitality in the images. I believe I have these IDed correctly, but would be interested to know if anyone disagrees with any of my IDs. Again, thank you so much in advance.

Krossa Regal

Abiqua Moonbeam

Paul's Glory


Paradise Island

First Frost

Blue Umbrellas (ha! This one I can be quite confident of since the tag is still there!)

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Think you got 'em all. : )

Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

close enough for now ... maturity might bring other opinions ...

the only one that bothers me... is BU ... leaves look awful pointy for something that is named after an umbrella .... even young plant at the library are not that pointy ...

i might be thinking blue angel ..

and i wonder why it lacks ALL blue in ND ...

but lets try this again next year ...


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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

Thank you!

BU - happens to be the one I am most comfortable IDing, LOL. It was only planted last year and still has its tag. So unless it was mislabeled at the nursery, it should be BU.

As for blue, I don't know. Unless because it is struggling.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Prairie, depending on where you got the hosta, there is a good chance it's mislabeled. My experience with Lowe's (in this area) is that about 65% of their hosta are mislabeled. Everything I bought from Sam's in a box about 1995 was mislabeled. I've even received mislabeled plants from dedicated hosta growers.


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donrawson(Z 5)

Like Ken said...the last one might be questionable...but let it grow up and then post another pic for us to look at...

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I have a young Blue Umbrellas too. Picked it up last year nearer end of season. It still has yet to look like it is supposed to but it may be a "mature" issue and time will tell soon enough, I guess.

I picked it up from a reliable nursery and am confident this is a BU that I have. In pic 2 it had some blue back in June but now has greened up....not in shade.

Yours has nicer shaped leaves but they do differ from mine a bit....and the clump shape is different also. It will be interesting to see our BU's grow up!


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Yes, even dedicated hosta very first order back in 2010 is a fine example. It was by chance that this year, 2014, someone recognized the plant as High Tide, and not Lederhosen as I'd assumed for 4 years! Sometimes it takes maturity to reveal the true identity. I did not ORDER a High Tide, but that is definitely what I got.

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