How fickle are you?

mayalena(6 - MetroWest Boston)May 29, 2011

Hi all.

In another post, KT reminded me of my runaway rain barrel, literally barreling and thundering down my driveway a few summers ago as I chased after it...much to my kids' and neighbors' amusement. They seemed so simple and yet felt so complicated. Even after I got them installed correctly (after taking a hacksaw to my downspouts -- and then paying to have them replaced...), I struggled to get the rain back out of them later. Hoses didn't attach right, the overflow thingy couldn't keep up with the rain, etc. I didn't put them out last year, and haven't put them out yet this summer. I wonder if I will?

What about you? Do you abandon your good intentions after a year or so when you discover things aren't as simple as they seem? Or am I the only naive one? Can you keep them going?

Another good intention I've abandoned at least temporarily: my fabulous Flowtron electric shredder. It sat, assembled in my garage, for two years after having shredded just a couple of tubs of leaves. I finally got it out again this spring, but it is really struggling with my wet, matted leaves and I am debating putting it back in the garage and ignoring the leaves. (The leaves are a topic for another post. I'll just say that I am very good at complicating gardening....) Again, it seemed so simple, and yet it is so complicated to really get the thing working....

Then there is my reel mower.... And that compost tumbler I finally gave to another GWer (I now just use conventional piles). At least I have yet to abandon my veggie gardens!

What about you? Chased any rain barrels lately? Abandoned any good intentions? Skeletons in your...garages?



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terrene(5b MA)

LOL Mayalena! Good to "see" you on the forum!

About 6 years ago, I started identifying the plants on my lot and discovered that many were invasive, including these 5 large Norway maples. They ranged from 40-60 feet tall and avg 50 years old. So in 2007 the tree service removed 3 and started to cut a 4th, but they didn't have time to finish. So I had a friend finish it off and girdle it with a chainsaw. This seemed like a good idea at the time, to create a snag for wildlife and prevent many more zillions of Norway maples seeds from being dropped. Gleefully watched it die over the next 1 1/2 years.

Fast forward 4 years. Now I have a huge hulking kinda ugly dead tree in the back yard. It's dropped a tremendous amount of bark everywhere (which is okay, will use as mulch), and will soon be dropping branches (not okay - messy and hazardous).

On the upside, the birds DO like this tree a lot. They love to perch there, and they hop around pecking through the shaggy bark. And it's it's about 100 feet behind the house, and not at risk of falling on any structures, or even any other large trees. But I'm still thinking it may need to be removed this year. :)

PS One of the reasons I nixed the idea of rain barrels was reading about how you (and others) cut off their downspouts. Well considering the importance of gutters and how much trouble I already have with them here on this house, that wasn't going to happen.

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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

Too funny ML! I actually sold my rain barrel in Florida. I bought it there, never did hook it up and then sold it to someone who will hopefully actually use it.

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