Tomatoes touching cloche

whitmanMay 13, 2009

Hello all. We put out our tomatoes last week after spending a couple weeks indoors growing by the window. It was pretty windy and cool here in seattle the last week so i wrapped some plastic around the cages to protect them. However, because the plants had grown quite a bit indoors, they are pushing up against the plastic which is wet with condensation. My question is if that is a problem or not? Should i cut some holes in the plastic so the moisture can escape?


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Whitman: its a great idea to protect tomatoes in our PNW area, but ideally they should not be touching the wet plastic.I would let some air in to dry them and fix it so they won't be in touch with the wet plastic.
YOU will have great tomatoes. Mine are " being trained" to go out and on the weekend they should be ready.I will also protect them as it makes a big difference.

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I've had mine out since mid-April. They were under a plastic cloche up until last week, but have gotten so big they were pressing against the top of the cloche, even after I extended the height. They've been uncovered for the past week and seem happier, even with our cool bits of weather. I have blossoms on at least the Sun Golds.

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scarleta: thanks for confirming my suspicions that the tomatoes would not appreciate the constant moisture. I will probably move the plastic up a few inches on the bottom so it can get some air moving around. Or a couple small holes around the top would allow the moisture to escape but still keep up the temps. We are looking to have some warm weather here this weekend so I can probably take the plastic off for a few days.

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You are welcome Whitman: I hope you have great tomatoes this Summer.

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