Bizarre mossy green fungus THINGS on lawn

Baroo2uMarch 20, 2013

I moved into a house in a rural part of north eastern Ontario last August. The terrain is very rocky/sandy so the lawn is mostly weeds, it's too dry for grass. Anyhow, the "lawn" was scattered with crunchy black curled strands that I initially thought were dried moss or lichens. But then it rained, and these THINGS absorbed water and swelled into dark slimey green bud-like items resembling large capers, very slippery if you step on them. Then they'd dry up until the next rain.

I've never seen anything remotely like this. Does anyone have an idea what these things might be?

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You have slime mold. It feeds on decaying vegetation and water. When the water dries up it goes away but the spores remain until the next time it has sufficient moisture to come back. They are really pretty harmless. You can take a shovel and remove it if it's in a place where you don't want it/

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