bringing out silvery color in heucheras?

LisaHermioneMay 6, 2012

I see a lot of discussion about bringing out the best colors in heuchera, but I can't seem to find out anything about encouraging the silver. Does anyone have any insight on sun vs shade for really bringing out the silver? I suspect it's shade, since most of the (non fuzzy) silvery plants I can think of are shade plants (lamium, pulmonaria, cyclamen) but I thought I would ask before planting. Thanks!

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Not all heucheras are shade plants or even shade lovers. Many of the species are native to prairies, rocky, mountainous areas and woodland verges, in addition to those that prefer the more shaded, woody areas. And since most modern heuchera cultivars are hybrids with some seriously mixed parentage, ideal siting can also tend to be very mixed. IME, the slivery cast of some cultivars tends to be enhanced more with cold temperatures than with sun/shade but in general, coloring is intensified with a fair amount of sun, although avoidance of hot afternoon sun may be best.

In our climate, the only heuchs that seem to really thrive in much shade are those with the very pale chartreuse or yellow foliage. All others seem to struggle and appear with minimal or washed out coloring.

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