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albertine(z5b Idaho)May 19, 2009

Well, the Oregon Curl Free is pretty free of curl, but after three years it has a bad case of bacterial canker (?) - lower branches blackening with pustules of sap, dying off.

Has anyone found a peach tree that grows here without spraying?

I was reading about Charlotte - any feedback on that one?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Tree growing one as an espalier against a hot wall, with an awning or overhang. If you have such a spot available that might work for you.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

My sucession of Frost, Harken, and now Indian Free have lived short lives then succumbed to PLC or canker or ? Indian Free has the lower limbs dying off from something so all the live growth gets higher and higher on the tree and is now way up there but it did come back this year. I don't know what would happen if I cut all the limbs way back down to where I could reach them again, if it would grow or die.

I haven't tried Charlotte. I've pretty much given up on all stone fruits. I have one cherry out of 5 that bears.

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albertine(z5b Idaho)

They're next to but not against an east wall - not enough overhang to pull it off, even espaliered.
Hemnancy, that is exactly what's happening to mine - live branches at the top, the lower branches dying off each spring.
Charlotte's the only one on the usual lists that is sold as being resistant to both curl and canker.

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tallclover(Zone 8 Maritime Pacific NW)

I think I'm growing every peach leaf curl resistant variety known to man and my best varieties so far are Avalon Pride, Oregon Curl Free, and Indian Free.

This spring the white peach Q-1-A set fruit so I'm encouraged as did Charlotte for the first time. My curl resistant nectarine Kreibich looks healthy with a few scattered fruit.

John Muir is looking pretty sickly and weak as is Autumn Rose, which is also covered in leaves with peach curl -- so much for the reputed resistance on that one, though it may grow out of it.

I posted a couple photos and updates on growing these varieties on my website link below from 2008 season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Update and photos of my Peach Leaf Curl Resistant Varieties

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albertine(z5b Idaho)

Yes, I saw your site! My Oregon Curl Frees are really resistant to Curl, but this last year and somewhat the year before the oldest started losing a lot of lower branches. It's been in about four years. The younger one has only lost a branch or two, but the older one's lowest live branches are now about as high as the porch roof. This isn't working for me - how old is your Charlotte?

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

tallclover- I could cry looking at your beautiful peaches, especially the wonderful Indian Free peaches. They are incredible. I don't know if I'll ever get any more fruit from mine or not. I'm also an organic and even no-spray gardener, apples and pears do great for me, and I've had 2 years of great paw paws that ease the pain over the peaches.:-P

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I have a three year-old Charlotte. Very little curl but I am having some problem with dieback, prob. bacterial canker, on small twigs and a few branch tips. Overall it has been vigorous and strong-growing. I have a modest set of peaches so far this year (1st time) but I'm waiting before I get too excited...

P.S. This is all with no spraying. I will probably do a spray for canker next year.

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jennie(8 WA)

I'd read that Paw paws don't fruit well with our cool summers, do you do something special for them hemnancy?

I find that my Morello pie cherry bears beautifully with no spraying, of the sweet cherries Lapin does the best for me, I don't remember the others' names though!

And my pears grow beautifully, but don't fruit. I'm treating them as decorative now.

The apples all do well, even the old-fashioned Bramley. I have to prop it up a bit, the apples are so heavy.

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tallclover(Zone 8 Maritime Pacific NW)

hemnancy, my peach trees are 3-4 years old and I checked after reading you entry. Yikes my Indian Free is showing dead branches scattered on the lower half of the tree. Hope that doesn't progress.

As for other fruits, I've had good luck so far with Negronne figs, Montmorency pie cherries, Bramleys Seedling apple (superb baking apple and keeper), Glenora grape (and great fall color too).

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Frost peaches definitely show a preference for certain sites. Where i live, it's quite dry because of all the bedrock that is showing, and it gets very hot in the summer, sometimes over 100 degrees. Frost peaches do just fine. i have 3 in the ground that have borne fruit every year for over 20 years. My next door neighbor lives 200 feet lower down and next to an alder bottom where the air is definitely wetter. he can't grow peaches at all. But i can't grow prune plums without aphids, and I've always thought it was related to the dry heat. My neighbor grows them just fine.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

Two varieties that were developed for our area and do well for me are Frost and Q-18.

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albertine(z5b Idaho)

How old is your Frost and Q-18?

Beluga, that's interesting about the siting, as the older tree having the most trouble is sited next to a drainspout and could be getting too much water there in the spring.

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tallclover(Zone 8 Maritime Pacific NW)

I just harvested my first crop (a generous word)of 7 Charlotte peaches. I had no idea they were white peaches. They are pretty small but nicely sweet with a tart after taste. I'll post some photos shortly. Tom

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

I have a dwarf peach that I think is Red Haven. I have just harvested a couple of dozen amazing peaches! Half of them are really big, the rest not so much, but what flavour!!!! We had put a plastic tent over it, didn't work a lot because of our cold, windy spring, still got some curly leaf, but I am thrilled with the harvest. This is one garden product I haven't shared...except for DH of course.

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We're harvesting frost peaches this week into next. each tree has about 40 peaches. Last spring we eliminated half the set, or all the branches would be broken by now from the sheer weight of the fruit. Deer like the lower leaves, but not the fruit.

Dry, dry, dry is what these trees like. So water the ground once a week, but never water the leaves.

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Ratherbgardening(PNW 7 or 8)

I have a genetic dwarf peach tree that is around 8 years old now and is still fully leafed out each year. It gets leaf curl and I pull off a lot of them, then it sends out new leaves and looks lush the rest of the season. The curl does affect the crop, though, but we get enough for fresh eating. It's only about 6 ft. tall, so it could be covered easily. I've just never bothered. I don't know the variety any more.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Jennie- I have 2 seedling Paw Paws from Burnt Ridge that took a long time to bear, but strangely the bigger tree drops all the tiny fruit and only one has borne fruit. It is excellent in flavor, but not really big, maybe 2-3". I got a grafted tree finally but it is very slow growing, still only around 3'. They are planted where there is a lot of shade from a neighboring wood to the south, and remote enough I can't water them very often. So they don't get special treatment.

Indian Free actually has a fair crop for its condition and one branch is hanging down enough I could feel a peach for ripeness with a ladder. I don't know that I would ever buy another peach, I can buy a lot of peaches for all the money I've spent on trees. Is your dwarf tree self-fertile, ratherbegardening?

I bought 2 persimmons last year that mostly failed to leaf out but see the rootstock sprouting. I already have 3 seedling trees that are slowly growing, perhaps years from now there will actually be fruit...

My Illinois Everbearing mulberry has delightful fruit, and keeps ripening 10-20 per day. It's about 2 years in the ground.

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blameitontherain(8 PNW wetandwetta)


I have a Frost peach tree that is approximately 18 years old. It produces well every other year here in the Puget Sound area. The fruit is gorgeous -- very large with blushes of red and yellow over the peach color -- and very juicy. That said, it has virtually NO taste. Biting into one is like drinking a glass of peach-flavored water. You get a lot of wetness and just a faint whiff of peach. Okay in a pie or as jam, with a ton of sugar and spices, maybe, but not my favorite way to eat a peach!

Rain (or you can call me J Alfred Prufrock)

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