Hostas Still Flowering Here 24 Sep 2012

hostahillbilly(4)September 28, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

Candy Dish

Sum and Substance in pot

Katuragawa Beni

Green With Envy


Diamond Tiara

Tongue Twister

Korean Snow

Fire Island

Royal Standard


Snow Flakes


Hlllbilly Blues



Cookie Crumbs

Outhouse Delight OP seedling



Lakeside Elfin Fire sport

Haku Chu Han

It's been too rainy and especially windy (scapes wave around too much) to get usable pictures, sorry.

What a strange, hot, long season!


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Summer Fragrance is still hanging on with a few blooms, Lancifolia is in peak bloom & Fragrant Blue is just starting to bloom. I just got FB a few weeks ago so it may be out of sync with its usual bloom time?

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Are you and/or Bev doing and crosses still?


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bernd ny zone5

I have also one younger H.'Great Expectations' now blooming, also lancifolia.

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Missed one. Holy Mole is still blooming here.

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Ci, I think Fragrant Blue may be a little out of sync if it bloomed normally for me. It was around first of August here.

Of course, we had a lot of rain, and that may have boosted it a bit.

Right now, mama plantaginea is blooming for the first time in Alabama, and she is probably going to be the end of it all. But, I think it was Honeybells and Fried Bananas still in bloom, and a purple one too......Paradise Sunrise? (or is it Paradise Sunset, I hate it when that happens to me)...which is RE-blooming.

Had to lose a couple of weeks in the garden due to a sore foot and dental surgery, but now I'M BACK!!!! Just in time to plant the two orders which arrived Thursday and Friday from Hallsons and Don Rawson. Of course it poured rain today, and dampened my enthusiasm some....but I at least unloaded all the mulch and bags of manure from the the rain.

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