Looking for Northwest Montana members who ....

gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)March 10, 2009

Its getting close to melt down,Right? I am hoping to put together a possible spring plant and garden artwork swap.If anyone in the area might read this and be interested please drop a line and lets see what we can get organized.


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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

Just wanted to say Hi, I'm not in NW Montana, I live in Billings, but maybe we could still do something. Whatcha got in mind?

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Hey there girl,
I have a pretty good sized garden,and was looking for others in the state who would like to be doing some trading.The big thought had been to do one of those nice swap meets,pot luck lunch and lots of garden chit chat.Then perhaps one in the fall to trade plants and produce.
I used to do a bit of trading with some nice folks in Billings,
Let me know if there is anything you would be interested in trying to do.Always looking for more people in MT to garden with.

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Hi guys:
I'm in NW Montana, near Flathead Lake and would love to visit with gardeners in this area. Billings is a little too far away for me to do trading, but would still like to know how everyone's gardens are doing.

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I am gardener in Dillon, MT who always has an excess of
seed and plants from my garden. It is not always practical
for me to travel but I would be more than happy to share seeds or excess plants via mail if anyone is interested;
just let me know. Best wishes.

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Gosh see what happens when I girl gets busy with all her seed starting she misses out on others writing,,
Hello to both mtmickey and madaboutroses

I live near Flathead lake as well down by Rollins.I am always looking to chat gardening with others.
The last few days have been stinkers huh.. I have not been out to check the wintersown spinach yet and see if it made it through the cold..How is your garden looking this year?

I understand about the traveling, we were down in Billings last month.Have not made Dillion for a few years.My other half worked down there for a while.I know I am always interested in trading ,, since I see roses in the name we know you enjoy them,, what other favorites do you grow?

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Hi M,
I have an obsession with cold hardy bareroot roses. I've done alot of experimenting here in "Little Siberia" as a
gardening buddy from town calls my location. I love the
following cold hardy roses: Morden Blush, Morden Centennial, Harison Yellow, Austrian Copper, John Davis,
William Baffin, John Cabot, JP Connell, Winnipeg Parks,
Cuthbert Grant, Adelaide Hoodless. I have others I
planted last spring but the word is still out on those. How about you, what are you interested in growing?
I have a wonderful book called Growing Roses in Cold Climates I refer to quite often, written by Jerry Olson &
John Whitman. Also, the MSU Extension has a great info page you can order on growing roses in Montana. I can go on & on & on ad nauseum-forgive me! Hey, I know what you mean abut the seed starting..& finding time for emails and such. Glad to hear others might be interested in doing some trading. Hi to gardenbutt & mt mickey too. How did your wintersown spinach fare, mt mickey? What else is going on in your yards? My granddaughter and I planted sweet peas together on Easter. I am hoping it will become
an annual event.
Best wishes to all
what a glorious spring day!

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Hi All, I'm in Kalispell and I'm ready for this garden season to start. My greenhouse is so full that it's time for it to warm up so I can plant. Hi GB, sounds like you've been as busy as I have. Hope all is going really well. Trying some new varieties of peppers and tomatoes this year, including lots of heirlooms. Hope we have a banner year!

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Been a while since I made it in.. so I thought I would just send a link so everyone could go look at the pictures from may, June and July
Mary in MT

Here is a link that might be useful: Our gardens in Montana

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