H. 'Green Fountain' - plain green with nice flowers

hostahillbilly(4)September 12, 2012

fwiw, hh

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Good breeding plant for its pollen. It's produced Elvis Lives, Ringtail and Ginsu Knife.


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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

I love Green Fountain's flowers. I have one that I somehow saved from foliar nematodes (lost in the garage for a couple of years). Now I have it in a place of honor - high up in an old stairs turned into planters. The flowers kind of peer down on you.

It's been a few years with no nems, so now I'm allowing other hostas to share it's stair.

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Interesting to note it is good for pollen parent, Steve.

As I build my collection of hosta, I try to add good breeders which can be pod or pollen parents, but of course I'm not a hybridizer. Just a wee hosta cupid I suppose.

I think in a discussion of Ringtail someone mentioned Green Fountain because it is familiar to me. Do not have access to my photos at this time, but Ringtail is a lanceolate leaf with a long sort of curling leaf tip. Also plain green.

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jan_on zone 5b

ejr2005 - you've got me intrigued by your comment about your old stairs turned into a planter. This is sounding like a really clever idea. Do you have photos? I would love to see!

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Yes, a picture of old stairs used as a planter can be helpful.

I remember, totally off topic as far as hosta, but someone made a statement years ago about the way the folks in California turned oil rigs into condos. It really freaked out my imagination, because I was seeing the oil rigs as raised islands offshore the California coastline. I saw the cranes used to raise/lower small boats for residents of the condos to go to work every morning. Heliports used to ferry them to the airport or pads on the top of tall buildings in the downtown areas. And a grocery store on the rig, bike trail running around the big rigs, also a gym, it could be done believe me. I thought it was an imaginative use of old equipment.

Well, that lasted until we delivered a boat from the Gulf of Mexico through the Panama Canal to Long Beach CA. As we were coming into the harbor, I saw the "condos" and all it was was big canvas panels like stage backdrops hanging from the oil rigs, with sort of window holes painted and cut in the canvas for windage. Looked like a building okay, but it was a false front. So the Californians were not upset by the presence of the rigs so much as the APPEARANCE of the rigs. They put all the wolves into sheep's clothing. Out of sight out of mind. Too bad. I really liked the thought of folks repurposing those ugly oil rigs.

Another one I saw out there was some oil production platform which had been disguised so beautifully it really LOOKED LIKE a desert island, with palm trees and sand and beach furniture......as long as it looked good, I guess what it was doing did not matter? Don't mess with the view?

So knowing that a person's imagination can come up with wild schemes based on a casual remark which gives a whole new meaning to what was intended, I am waiting patiently to hear if my concept of the stairs used as a planter are anything like what I'm visualizing......the human mind is always creative.

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