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scottokla(7)January 31, 2013

We have had another 900 lbs of pecans shelled out, so I have a lot of halves that can be retailed. The bad news is that I likely will NOT be coming through Guymon until March (I thought it would be next Wednesday).

If you haven't found some yet and want a large quantity, I can bring some if my trip ends up happening in the next month. I am guessing the price would be around $5 for pieces and $6 for halves.

It looks like we will end up being able to get 0.50 to 0.60 per inshell lb. wholesale, with a chance of more depending on how the market goes. This year's crop would have brought us $50,000 last year and this year we will get less than $15,000.

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Scott I have been battling a severe bacterial infection and haven't been on the site much lately. That will be fine if you head this way. I will arrange to meet you somewhere. If you have some smaller culls, ect (I'm not sure in pecans if you do) I would be interested in some of them in the shell. At the in shell prices you are talking I would give my squirrels a little treat. Will wait to hear from you. Jay

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It looks like it will be a last-minute decision. If I decide to make the trip I will likely be in Guymon Thurs evening or Fri early. I have a large quantity of in-shell ones that are too small to sell at regular prices. If I can get them back from where they are being stored I can get them to you for $.30 or $.35 per lb.

I'll let you know when we make a decision on the trip

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Scott that sounds fine just send me a message. Thanks Jay

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