Quince tree, leaf problem, fungicide

maltbyMay 1, 2007

I previously posted that I was interested in a quince tree (cydonia)and ten days ago I bought one at Flower World, smyrna variety, about 10 ft at its heighest point.

Its now starting to flower, but I am also noticing some leaf damage, turning brown and shriveling up. Yesterday, someone else remarked that they also had a quince, and they had to apply a fungicide every year before it flowered o/w the leaves would get brown and curl up and it would look crappy.

Is this par for the course for Quince? Is it fire blight, rust etc and if so what fungicide should I use or is it too late for this season?

The canopy of my tree is much more full on one side than the other, and the not full side is where the problem is now. Suggestions?

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I'll just add that my serviceberry tree also has something going on with it that might be the same thing.

Plus, if my original post gets a reply, maybe it won't stay stuck to the very top of the page. It's lonely at the top.

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silver_creek(z8a WA)

I have 2 quince trees (one Smyrna and one Aromatanaya) and have never had any problems with fungal diseases. In fact, they seem to be the easiest trees in the orchard with regards to pest problems. I have seen leaf edges turn brown, both on quince and on pears, when there was a late frost after the leaf buds had broken.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

According to the PNW Disease Management Handbook used in Extension Service offices of the NW, quince are subject to all the problems that afflict pears.

As for the serviceberry, they commonly get rust.

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My quince tree gets varying amounts of leaf spot every year whether I lime-sulphur it in winter or not. Some of the quince fruits have the same spotting, but it is minor compared to leaves. Tree still looks fine. Have never seen actual leaf shriveling.

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My Quince trees have a lot of brown leaves and deformed fruit.
What do yhou recommend for a spray or other treatment

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