Question about Saffron

winsorw(8)May 31, 2013

I planted saffron bulbs last fall and they were doing well until recently all leaves are turning brown, some even look dead. Does anyone know or have experienced growing them?

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laurell(8 - Washington)

That seems pretty normal. Most spring blooming bulbs will begin dying back in mid to late spring. After my crocus stopped blooming a few months ago, I just mowed the lawn, and them along with it.

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Saffron crocus - Crocus sativus - blooms in fall. While some foliage can be produced in fall after planting and especially during mild winters, these go summer dormant so not unexpected to have the foliage fade away now to be replaced with fresh in late summer. Keep pretty dry during this dormant period.

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Thank you both. That makes sense. I almost water them thinking they were thirsty.
Thanks again.

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