old timey cornfield pumpkin -- botanical name?

owiebrain(5 MO)January 11, 2011

Having a heck of a time finding the info with a search. It's a Curcubita... moschata? Or?

(I get certain families all mixed up in my head so I'm writing myself out a cheat sheet for seed saving this year and will refer to it when figuring out what crosses with what and what's a safe bet.)


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( Cucurbita pepo ) is what i came up with.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

The answer likely will depend on your seed source. It is frustrating that so many varieties have similar to identical names, making it very hard to tell what is what at times.

If your seed is from Heirloom Seeds and is the one they sell as "Cornfield Pumpkin", then I agree with busy1 that it would be C. pepo.

I think that if it is the same Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin that George (MacMex) grows and which Glenn Drowns sells at Sandhill Preservation Center, then it is C. moschata.

So, there's two choices for you. I guess you could flip a coin to choose one if your original seed source is unknown.

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Ah, then it is C. moschata since it's George's pumpkin. GW search wasn't being friendly this evening, google brought me nothing, and it didn't even occur to me to check SandHill.

I'd planned on growing zucchetta rampicante this year and it's a C. moschata as well. Looks like there's some hand pollinating in my future. Or cutting one of them out of my plan. *horror*

Thanks to you both!


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Diane, I can e-mail you a copy of a guide to hand pollination of squash, if you would like. It's not hard to do. If you have or are getting Carol Deppe's book, The Resilient Gardener, she has a great section on hand pollination and seed saving. It comes with illustrations as well.


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I almost forgot that I had posted a thread on hand pollination of squash. Here's the link.


Here is a link that might be useful: hand pollination of squash

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George, that's great stuff. I'm sorry I missed it the first time through. Thanks for sharing.

Diane, I can smell the graph paper from here!

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Graph paper? Moi? Why, I never.... run out of graph paper and, of course, you're right. :-D

George, thanks! I have that one bookmarked somewhere but I just downloaded that entire thread page onto my desktop as well. I've never attempted seed saving from squash before, so I'll probably print out an entire book's worth of pages to take to the garden with me. By summer's end, I hope to be a good squash pimp. (I hope I don't have to wear a purple, fuzzy fedora.)


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How did Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin do for you last summer?


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