newbie question on compost

stoc zone 6 swedenSeptember 19, 2013

Was planning on hiding a recycling bin behind a bush and put the fall leaves in there to use as compost in the future.

Came home yesterday and went in the garden and someone had planted something about 12 inches away from Empress Wu!!

Turns out the building maintenance people came and moved this other little corner that a woman had been growing annuals,etc,in.We are 2 buildings that share a back yard.They totally pulled everything of hers out and replaced it with some boring ground cover plants. It turns out that the plant was one of hers and it's a raspberry bush next to the WU. I of course took it out.

Another tenant saw them and spoke with them as they were also putting out weed killer for the grass.They told her they were being careful not to get it on any of my children(hostas).

To get to my question,will the leaves be alright to use in the future with the weed killer on the grass now?I know this is a novice question.

Esther and I have it tough with weird things happening in our community plots.


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Jon 6a SE MA

It would depend on what weed killer they used. You should ask the building management to find out what herbicide was used and then a determination of the long term effect, or lack of effect could be established.

If there are real children or pets in the units, then parents or 'parents' of pets should have been notified what was sprayed in this common area. This just seems common sense.


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Welcome to the forum, James.

I'm not clear if you're talking about leaves already on the ground or leaves yet to fall. Also not clear is the weed killer type...sprayed or granular.

If the weed killer was sprayed onto already fallen leaves (probably not) then I would not use those leaves for compost. If it was a granular product then I would prolly use the leaves but only after a good rain had fallen or otherwise well-watered into the soil.

Otherwise, I'd pass on the already-fallen leaves (weed-killer contaminated). Wait an collect some freshly fallen ones after the old ones have been collected & disposed of.

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bragu_DSM 5

also I would just assume the people doing the spraying were just that -maintenance- and that they didn't know what they were doing, unless you know that they "read and follow label directions"

pros would put little signs in the grass .... usually

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

If this is compost you plan on using next year, you should be fine. It does, as mentioned, depend on what was used. Most, readily available weed killers for lawns (like 2,4-D) are not an issue. Some weed killers that don't break down in compost are picloram, clopyralid, and aminopyralid, but I doubt any of those were used.


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stoc zone 6 sweden

Thanks for all your answers.Leaves are just beginning to come down a bit. I think it was probably granular,the people who did this are connected to the gardening division,the company owns lots of buildings.

The neighbor told me they put down ''salt'' so I am going to assume it is granular--I'm in Sweden so the language translation for her was not spot on.

I am going to try and contact them and see what it was.

Thanks again!

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