Ivy Geranium Stem Breakage

blheron(7 and 8)May 18, 2013

I just purchased an ivy geranium basket and have discovered that many of the stems are breaking on the edge of the pot where they hang over the edge. They seem to break at the bend from the weight of the stems hanging below it. (See photo below)

The plant is a little sparse and I am thinking of re-potting it and adding a couple more geraniums. Can anyone tell me what causes this and if there is a way to prevent it? Also, any suggestions for re-potting?

Much appreciated, running in circles trying to get plants potted between rain and wind!


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps that occurred while the plant was transported from the store to your place.

Sever the stem at the edge of the pot, then suspend the container where it's wanted.

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blheron(7 and 8)

Thanks jean001a. This was the way I bought it. I got a discount ( still not cheap) because there wasn't a lot of foliage "in" the pot, but the trailing sections were 2-3 feet long with large, heavy blooms. I was hoping with care I could revive it.

I had hoped I wouldn't have to cut it back so far. I'm guessing if I did it may not survive and if it did it would take all summer to recover. Having never dealt with Ivy geraniums before, I'm wondering if I re-pot it and plant it deeper in the pot, or maybe somehow support the stems if it would be better. Has anyone tried this?

I appreciate the suggestion and may have to resort to it. Thanks :o)

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I think it can be either due to improper handling or heavy winds.

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Geraniums (pelargoniums) can be cut back at will during the season and with no significant ill effects. They will regenerate quickly. Actually, cutting or pinching back leggy plants will make them fuller and denser.

I'd surmise this damage was caused simply by the weight of the plant from those long, leggy, bloom-filled stems, generally caused by over-fertilization by the grower.

FWIW, you can start from scratch with new ivy geranium starts in a hanging basket and it will look wonderful in just a few weeks. These plants grow rapidly and if using a decent potting soil and with proper watering and fertilization you should have a stunning basket in no time.

I work for a nursery and get a very generous discount but I still do all my hanging baskets myself and after the initial cost of the basket, the only expense is the geranium (or fuchsia) starts. Cheap!!

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I've had that happen before when we got some very windy weather, it's very disappointing. Nothing you can do but snip it off and let it regrow.

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blheron(7 and 8)

Well it looks a bit better. I bit the bullet and clipped off the ones that were damaged. I guess in the end I win, LOL! Since they were healthy beyond the breaks, I clipped the pieces I cut off, dipped them in Root Tone and stuck them in soil. Maybe I'll have more than I started with. Twelve in pots, now to see if they root.

Thanks for all the help and the boost of courage to cut them back. :o)

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