Eagerly awaiting blooms... now issues HELP!

ellen_portland(z8 OR)May 16, 2012

I've been eagerly awaiting my roses and Peony flowers getting ready to bloom. Now I see many have developed yellow spotted leaves and some of the buds have been bored into! The Peonies look a bit funny and most haven't developed. Can someone help tell me what is going on?

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant issues

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The rose flower with the "measles" -- small red spots are botrytis, aka gray mold. If overhead watering, stop.

Rose leaves have a raging case of black spot. Remove affected leaves; collect & discard fallen leaves; consider using appropriate spry as preventive. If overhead watering, stop.

Peony buds -- uncertain what's going on with the large buds. One looks chewed. Investigate daily, including at night.

Rose bud held between fingers- definitely chewed. Investigate daily, including at night.

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

Your roses have blackspot. The flower buds that are chewed on are evidence of caterpillars. The first two pix of peony buds look fine, I don't see what you're looking at here. The last one looks like botrytis. The first pix of rose bud, there's some distortion to some of the petals but it looks fine otherwise. Could simply be a reaction to exposure to cold temps while the flower was forming. Up here we had some nearly freezing nights not too long ago and I'm seeing distortion on some leaves as a result.

Overhead watering will make both blackspot and botrytis worse, but both are common in the PNW in spring. I used a copper sulfate dormant spray on mine, same as I was using on the peach tree for peach leaf curl, and I have almost no sign of blackspot so far. Normally I would start spraying by now with a fungicide for blackspot.

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ellen_portland(z8 OR)


That's the frustrating part, for that very reason I have made sure to be watering at the base, also since we've had those very hot days... just making sure the roots get a decent amount. I don't think I can use too many chemicals as I have a dog who does sniff around in the planting beds.
On the Peony- it's weird- one of them has a nice big bud, but the other buds never came into full fruition- they just stopped.
There is the neighbors tree just over the fence which seems to be dropping leaves and they have some kind of fungus looking thing on them ;-(

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

Rose diseases are specific to roses for the most part; they won't catch them from other plants.

Herbicides and insecticides can be very dangerous to dogs but fungicides not so much. I have two dogs myself, I shut them in the house while I spray but they can come out as soon as it's dry. If they chewed on the roses I'd be more cautious but they don't. Copper sulfate is a dormant spray so you couldn't use it now anyway. This time of year people use other things on blackspot.

For the caterpillars, something called Bt is recommended, totally safe for anything other than caterpillars or flies/mosquitoes. It's a bacteria that causes disease in these insects when eaten. I don't recommend people use it a lot as it doesn't distinguish between pest moth caterpillars and caterpillars that will grow up to be butterflies. On roses you're pretty safe though as few butterfly caterpillars feed on roses.

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ellen_portland(z8 OR)

Thanks so much!!!!

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