which multi peltaled plantaginea??? == i win!!!

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5September 1, 2014

yes.. once every 5 years or so.. i win ... lol ...

and i swear i will label it .. this time ... if anyone can tell what it is ...

all the Ps this year.. were squat ... i blame spring being about 6 weeks late.. the upside... no frost damage ... as they refused to come out of the ground ... and then... 3 long periods of drought ... with good rain in between ... not blistering hot.. but not pleasant for much of the summer ...


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bernd ny zone5

I have a plant like that, same foliage with little holes, one scape, but not open yet, h.'Aphrodite'.

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Thanks, Ken for a winning aaah ha photo. Loving the double flowers. What accounted for that?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

donna ...

its a named cultivar of the species plantaginea ..

in other words.. i bought it.. because it was so ...

so.. according to bernie.. thats the double.. and not the triple...

whats the triple.. venus??? .. or is that the edged??? .. Gawd am i being lazy today ... lol ...


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hostas_for_barb(6b Ontario)

Venus: Extremely rare, double-double flower with 18-24 petals. (according to the hosta data base at the hosta library)
Sounds like one for the wish list.

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sherrygirl zone5

Ken, great flowers. Me being the hosta info newbie has never seen that before. Thanks for aharing.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

Ok, I looked it up. (according to Myhostas.be)

Aphrodite is a sport of Plantaginea. It should have 5" long double flowers. Solid green leaves. It has been cultivated in China for 150 years. It has 12+ petals

Athena is a sport of Aphrodite. It is a streaker. It has double flowers. Originator is Bob Hird

Venus is a sport of Aphrodite. It has double double flowers. It's originator is Walter's . It has 18 to 24 petals.

There are a few more sports of plantaginea and some of Aphrodite. The only other one that was familiar was 'Doubled Up', which is a tetraploid form of plantaginea. It has single flowers.

So, given that info, your plant is probably Aphrodite. It seems to have about 12 petals.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where are you bruce????

probably traveling again ....?????


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I almost missed this post, now where was it when I came looking!

I think it is Aphrodite also.
I have no scapes on Athena, Venus, nor Aphrodite.

I had two scapes on Numero Uno, Mama herself, and 2 on Doubled Up.

Ming Treasure had no scapes this year, but it is not a double flower. Double flowers are very special.

If you wish to see Mama and her progeny, seedlings/hybrids/sports, follow the link. Have fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plantaginea progeny

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Yes I have been traveling again. West Virginia this trip.

Your photo is not quite a full Aphrodite with full double petals as I have seen in the past with large buds but close enough.

Has it been some time ( years) since it bloomed?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

late frosts ... freezes ... 2 years of drought ...

yes.. it flowers intermittently ... but i dont keep track ... to tell you if this plant flowered any given year ...

i think.. out here i the country .... late frosts or freezes ... really impacts my P family of plants ... if they are knocked back hard in spring... they might not make it to flower ... especially the further they get from plain old P ...

and out in the meadow ... i lost a lot of my various fragrant ones.. over the years ...

back in suburbia .... i just dont recall the frost/freeze issues as so annual ... i figure.. cement ... black top ... congested buildings... all lead to less wild fluctuations in spring ... they can still get a frost/freeze .... but in general ... night heat builds faster in spring in town .... but i seem to get them repeated ... and colder.. and later into the season .... if that makes sense ...

not to mention my slight 8 foot rolling hills ... and cold air.. massing.. at night... in the low spots... where.. wait for it.. the hosta beds are ... acts two ways ... first... the hosta stay dormant later ... but the low spots .. with the pooling of cold.. are subject to frost later in may ...


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