Talinum gigantico 'Limon'

westgate(8b Brit.Col.)May 1, 2009

I habve just acquired this.... pretty, with lime green leaves and long, slender flower stems. I have been unable to find it any gardening book and I know nothing about it! Any comments, please?

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

When you do find out I think one thing you will learn is that it is not hardy here.

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George Three LLC

didn't find anything with exactly the same name- might be mislabeled.

the article below might be talking about your plant. according to the author it might work in zone 8.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same Plant?

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I bought the plant shown in the link last summer.I love the colour of the leaves and how they contrast with the hot pink flowers and red seed capsules. I wasn't sure if it was hardy either, so kept it in the unheated greenhouse for the winter. It died back completely, but started coming back in the last month or so and is now outside again. So, I know it can take a few degrees of frost. Will probably try it outside for the winter once I have a backup plant. I highly doubt it would survive a winter like the one we just experienced though.

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westgate(8b Brit.Col.)

Isn't this forum wonderful? There is always someone out there who can help. Yes, that is the plant.... I must have got the name reversed. I really like it and hope I can keep it through the winter (it is in a pot on the deck).... will it propagate from seeds, runners??

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I've read of it self-seeding readily in some areas, so propagation from seed should work. I will probably try starting some myself this way, so I can get those backup plants.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

I recently purchased one of these plants from a neighborhood nursery. I've never seen one before and I adore the foliage. It was in a small 4" pot and there are many, many baby plants sprouting on the pot soil surface so I'd say it will reseed easily. I did take some seed pods from the plant's spent blooms and will try to germinate some to see just how quickly they sprout. I also took out a couple of the sprouted seeds and potted them up to see how quickly they progress. I love to watch things grow! :-)


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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Certainly it(Talinum paniculatum) is hardy in USDA zone 9 conditions, where it dies back to the ground in winter, and shoots up again in spring. It grows fastest with warm temperatures, and is a reseeder in the garden if you let it be. Probably showiest in a container than mixed with other flowering things in the ground, where the delicate flowers/berries are easily overshadowed by coarser textured/larger growing plants. I've grown it in the past, but wasn't enthused enough with it to keep it longer term.

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

I read about this plant here and when I saw it in the nursery, bought a couple. Are yours still lime green? Mine seem to be mid-green.

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Have germinated Talinum seeds and are now 1/4in. high - can anyone tell me what next, do I wait until 'true leaves' form? Thanks a bunch - Jean

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blameitontherain(8 PNW wetandwetta)

The regular, non-Limon type is embarrassingly easy to start from seed. I agree with Bahia that it is best in a pot so you can really appreciate the foliage and the tiny flowers, kind of like hot pink baby's breath. They look spectacular wrapped as wreaths.


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I purchased a Limon Talinum last summer at Lowe's in Southwest Washington State. They don't have it this year and I am so disappointed. Have called around to all nurseries to see if I could locate one...no luck. I used to call it my 'fireworks' plant because the long stems it sends up has tiny colored balls that eventually open into a tiny flower. Lime green foliage is wonderful in a colbalt blue pot.

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Today, while visiting The Orange County NY Arboretum I saw Limon Talinum for the first time. The foliage is outstanding! After some searching on the web, I was able to identify it: http://msucares.com/news/print/sgnews/sg07/sg070628.html
Although talinum is not hardy in zone 5, I will definitely add it to my garden next year. However, I read that in warmer zones it can become invasive.

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This is the plant I have in the link below. I have little use for purely ornamental plants having rid my yard of all of them years ago. If I cant eat it or its not medicinal, I composted it. The Talinum I have is eaten raw or lightly cooked. Delicious! I wonder..isT. limon is also edible?

Here is a link that might be useful: Talinum

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