Where to buy lime cheap

natalija_gardenerMay 21, 2009

I heard that our soil in Western WA needs agicultural lime and dolomite lime. Does anybody know where to buy it cheep?

I need only 50 pounds. I am a new in gardening, so you being experienced gardeners probably know the places:-))

thanks for any input!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

"Our" soil varies from one spot to the next. Sample yours and have it tested before pouring on lime and other chemicals.

See the web site of Washington Cooperative Extension for more about soil testing.

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In a lifetime of gardening in the NW, I can only recall using lime once or twice, to control moss in my lawn.....when I had a lawn. And that's before I understood why the moss was present and how to properly be rid of it:-)

An initial soil test is always a good idea before amending soils so you know exactly how and with what to amend. Lime will 'sweeten' or neutralize acidic soil but the vast majority of plants prefer slightly to moderately acidic soil -- like what most of us in this area have anyway, so the automatic incorporation of lime serves little purpose.

Test first :-)

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