Reduced bloom on peonies?

whitegarden(Z5 MA)June 7, 2007

Anybody else seeing this? I would say by a quick count of tight buds right now, that my bloom on my DDN peonies is down about 40%. Any suggestions of causes??



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I moved most of my herbaceous peonies out of a shady situation, the fall before last ('05, I guess), so this is the first year of optimal bloom for them. As a result, most of mine are *way* up from last year and from previous years. They're also much earlier than normal, unless the tree peonies are late this year; they have never bloomed at the same time before, and they overlapped by at least a week.

Then again, I may be at the opposite end of the state, so maybe others closer to you will weigh in.

WG - what's DDN?

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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

Hi diggin,

DdN is Dutchess de Nemoir. It is an ivory peony.

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hipchick(z6 NE MA)

not sure of your area, but last year I had almost no blooms, non stop rain and no sun - the few that did form would rot before they ever bloomed.
So this year I am nothing but happy, tons of blooms and many on plants that I have now had for almost 2 years but have never flowered.

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WG, yes I noticed the same thing on most of my peonies, substantial reduction in a number of terminal buds. However I think there was a somewhat increased production of smaller side buds, though not all of them opened at all. Of course, I did not count them, just a visual observation. SB and KR was a complete disappointment this year.
And my new toy from the fall'05 planting, Garden Treasure, produced only 3 flowers, but I still love it

The only two plants that I noticed no difference in amount of blooms this year was two stallwarts: Festiva Maxima and Felix Crousse. Both did excellent.

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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

I am thinking it is from reduced sun exposure. Some of them are planted somewhat close to maturing PG hydrangeas and I think they are hogging the sunshine. Might be time for a good pruning or relocation.

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terryboc(z5 NH)

Mine did great this year. They are all fairly young, so I think they are still in the developing stage and I would expect to get more blooms than last year as all my plants (with one exception) are bigger this year.

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jackied164(z6 MA)

Mine also did great this year. This is their fourth year so maybe like others are still developing...still they were about 4' and had about 10-20 buds each. My only complaint is the downpour we had a few days after they really started flowering. I was able to re-stake most stems and there were enough buds to keep the whole show going for another week or so.

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We had an extremely mild Dec. & Jan. followed by a suddenly cold Feb. Could that have had an effect upon the developing flower buds???

The only other thing I can think to mention is that I've often read it's important with herbaceous peonies not to bury them too deeply. Has there been a sudden change in the depth of the crown (like the addition of too much mulch)?

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Wow, Garden Treasure is aptly named.

I'm having fun with species peonies lately; I lost a tree peony several years ago (stepped on it shortly after planting it, and broke it at the graft) and the rootstock grew and bloomed. It has seeded around a bit, and while the blooms are much plainer than those of the hybrids, they're also very sweet and simple. And, I think the offspring are very unpredictable, so I may get some beauties as well as some dogs.

Just a few stray blooms left, all looking rather bedraggled. But it was, all in all, a great peony season here.

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