New garden pic....

hostafreakSeptember 21, 2012

With my garden winding down,here is a pic I took earlier in the year that I have never posted before. In the pic are Final Summation,Yellow River,Northern Exposure,and a Gold Standard behind Final Summation,who is trying to overwhelm it! This Gold Standard has been there for several years,but this year decided to explode in growth. Take a look Phil

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I have dreams of having beautiful plants like yours. They sure compliment each other

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Those are beauties, all right, all of em

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Do I see a 'Striptease' in the back?


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Very nice photo Phil and a lovely assortment of Hosta.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Phil, it is always such a treat to see your gardens, even just little corners of them!

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Perfection, Phil.

My favorite variegation is yellow with green margins, and these two front and center prove how eye catching it is.

I was looking at that back plant too and thinking it was similar to Striptease....but when you post a group picture like this, where DO you stop identifying? These hosta are living happily together, each plant distinct.

Gee, I was hoping to avoid more of the 'Sum' offspring, but this one seems right for me. I was looking at my potted hosta today and noting which are still going like the Everready bunny, and which had thrown in the towel. Now that I've cleared up part of my computer problem about denying access to my personal files, maybe I'll trust it to take pictures for Flickr. This is a critical moment in the garden, when we are cooling down a bit, and several, yeah many, of the hosta, are flushing with new growth and some even reblooming. Like 'Rainforest Sunrise' has a new scape with beautiful lavender flowers open, and the old scapes are dried and seedless. Even mama plantaginea has a scape about to open, like she is having a midlife conception.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Your hostas always look like they were put there by nature. Nice grouping!


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Thanks,everyone! Yes,hh there are two Stripteases down the hill from here. These hostas were once farther apart but I like them when they grow closer together. Phil

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