Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Carmen PetersonFebruary 20, 2013

I am so glad that instead of snow we have rain. I am glad to see it should last all day. Hope everyone is getting their share of it!

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Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes

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The snow just started here. Although I live in a server drought area my north garden has been too wet to work for months.

I did not grow a cover crop this year hoping that the soil would dry sooner if it was left bare. I cant tell that has happened.


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My rain gauge has 6/10 of an inch so far...yay!

I had 3/4" last week..


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Ours has a half inch, which isn't bad. We are supposed to get more during the early morning hours.

I'm just grateful ours is falling as liquid and not as freezing rain or sleet. I'm afraid some folks in NE OK and parts of adjacent states may get a real ice storm.


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Carmen Peterson

Well woke up to to sleet and rain. I am ok with it. Stay safe all!

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this is so wonderful. the wind howled her this a.m.

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I don't like the hardship but I am ecstatic that we've gotten a layer of snow, tons of rain and now ice. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

We had a thunderstorm this morning, but I think the precipitation has ended for us and the sun is trying right now to peek through the clouds and show itself.

We're supposed to have clearing skies and some afternoon sunshine and our high temp today should be in the 60s instead of barely making it into the 40s like yesterday.

Our rain gauge has a smidgen under an inch from the last two days---maybe 0.95" to 0.98". I am glad we got the rainfall (how could anyone in this parched state not want rainfall?) but now I hope we'll be dry for the next week so I can get my onions and potatoes planted.

All of you who got ice....stay safe!

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We've had about three quarters of an inch in the last two days. We didn't have any ice at all here, but I've been driving to Weatherford every morning this week to work and I got about halfway there this morning and had to turn around because the roads got icy. My car was never meant to handle ice and I'm not about to test it. It's pretty crazy how the road can go from fine to horrible in just a few feet. It's very dangerous.

I love the rain but I'm ready for it to be nice out. I have a lot to do before it's time to plant and I'm running out of time. I'd like it to be dry and warm long enough to get everything done and then it can rain as much as it wants. I'd add "but not too much!" to the end of that, but it's not like it would ever do that here anyway. lol


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It looks like I got just under 1.5 inches! woo hoo!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Leslie, I love the rain too, but like you, I'd like for it to stop for a few days and let us get our planting done before the weather does a total turnaround and it suddenly is 90 degrees and too hot to plant cool-season plants.

Lisa, That's a lovely amount of rainfall!.Now, don't go getting all spoiled rotten and expecting it to rain again soon. That's your 1.5" for the year. : )

We have had fairly steady rainfall this winter. If this keeps up, maybe the big cracks in the ground will heal up and maybe someday the pond even will have water in it again. Maybe not this year....but maybe someday.


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