Row Covers and Pest Control Q & A

TenGreenFingersJune 19, 2012

Anyone use row covers for Squash bug? If so, where is a cheap row cover I can get and put up for a few weeks and then take down for pollination?

Has anyone tried trapping SVB Moths in yellow containers?

Has anyone had success with Cucumber beetle traps? If so, what brand and where to buy? Or, how many people have used diatomaceous earth? How to use it? is it safe?

People keep telling me to just get a medium pyrethrin spray instead.

What the hell do i do? and if my plants keep on doing well, with some damage of course, can I eat the fruits (cucumber and squash)?

Bottom line, I want to save all of my plants even though there doesn't seem to be SVB yet in my area nor do I think the Cucumber beetles have gotten really bad...

Also, does anyone have a really good article or info on Cucumber beetle and it's lifespan/what it does to damage plan ts? Do they lay eggs on the plants and such? or is it just when they feed on them and leave a dirty disease?

So many questions. Need answers!

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I don't have the answers but I'm looking for them. It appears that some varieties of cukes and zukes are more susceptible to cucumber beetles. Last year a round yellow summer squash and costata romanesque zucchini survived. When the squash beetles hit, I tried going on daily patrol, scraping the squash beetle eggs from the undersides of the leaves. I tried spraying with an organic spray I got at the farm store. I lost most of my winter squash. A late planting of Eastern Rise made it but they fell victim to a chewing critter. I had bragged about my winter squash in 2010. I hung my head in shame in 2011.

This year I have summer squash/zukes planted under a low tunnel made from Agribon which came from Johnny's. I actually got a roll from someone on Craigslist. I have seen a similar fabric called garden blanket at Blue Seal store in Concord NH. I'm trying the winter squash in a location on the other side of the house. Maybe the bugs won't find the new garden bed this year.

I recently read in one of Eliot Coleman's books that seaweed fertilizer makes plants stronger (need boron) and more resistant to bugs. I'm going to try that, too. Right now I have small cucumber plants (a few leaves started indoors) and some seedlings that have just broken ground. I would prefer not to cover them because of where they are growing. I may cover the winter squash seedlings once they develop some more leaves.

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