Tromboncino Squash - Is This the Way to Go?

susanlynne48(OKC7a)February 26, 2011

I've been reading here and there about SVBs and SBs since I will be growing a few cucurbits this year, and remembering last year when the SVBs took down my plant in what seemed like a few seconds of time.

I think I recall some folks who had this squash on their grow lists, and then came across the linked info about it on the Cornell University website while searching for resistant varieties and control of SVBs and SBs.

This variety seems to "have it all" so to speak in that it is grown and harvested as both a summer and winter squash. I know it's not practical as a container vegetable, but geez, I might be willing to give up some ground for this one if it is all that it is touted to be.

The effort to prevent and control SVBs and SBs just seems so intensive that I'm wondering if it is worth it to grow any other squash except Tromboncino. Altho, I do love both yellow, scallop, and Zucchini. Anyway, thought you might want to read some of the comments about the Tromboncino, if you haven't already come across others on the web who've praised its attributes as highly.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tromboncino Squash

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It's a member of the same family as I wonder if it taste the same? Does anyone know?

I would grab some seeds and grow away if it is resistant to SVB...

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owiebrain(5 MO)

I've grown it several years back and it was one of our favorites as a summer squash. I've never tried it as a winter squash. It produced wonderfully but did try to take over the world -- or at least its trellis.

Then I quit growing it for a few years, not sure why. I guess it just slipped my mind. Last year, when I finally cried "Uncle!" over the squash bugs (SVB never gave me much trouble with anything), I broke down and ordered Tromboncino seeds again and will be growing them this year. Now that we're in a new place, I'm also going to give yellow squash another try in hopes that the squash bugs don't get my forwarding address for a few years.


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I love the squash. The inside is a buttery light yellow and only the bulb part has seeds, the 'neck' is seedfree. When young, the bulb doesn't have many seeds either.

It is not SVB free, but seems to be SVB resistant, and the stems are rather hard. Last year I had it in the garden and mulched with straw and the SVB did eventually get it, which is the first time I had lost it. It produced a lot of squash and was the last squash to be lost. I planted it in a huge container in years before and it lasted until cold weather.

I use it ONLY as a summer squash and can't imagine it as a winter squash although I have heard that some use it for that. I saw one on display at Baker Creek and the rind was very hard.

Be prepared for the size of this plant, it is huge. One year I planted three seeds in a huge tree pot with a six foot tomato cage in it. It went up the cage, down the cage, and probably 15 or more feet across the yard. I had to pick the runners up and move them to a new location so I could keep the grass cut.

I started this message this morning but I have been sick today and not at my computer. If I answered 'on top' of someone, sorry.

One more warning. Out of all of the plants I have grown, all were good except one, and it produced some hard rind squash at an early age. I had plenty of squash, so I just threw them away. I plan to grow this squash every year.

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Ezzirah, if you read the comments on the link regarding this squash, many report SVBs and SBs on their other varieties of squash, but not the Tromboncino. I may just break down and order some seed and see how it does.

Yeah, Diane, I read that it does like to "own its space" so to speak, lol! But who cares if you don't have to deal with those ugly buggers, huh? It can have my house, my car, even my kids, if I don't get the nasty bugs.


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Susan, If you will look a little lower on the page there was a Chandra posting about Vertical Trellis and in that thread there is a picture called "2010". That will show you what the squash looks like. That is a full cattle panel folded in the center.

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Carol, thanks for the info. I have also read that it roots at the nodes, and if allowed to do so, if any SVBs do get to it, the portions of the stems between those attacked by the SVB will remain productive. It probably would be best, in that case, to allow it to sprawl along the ground. I still want to try this so bad I can taste it......literally.

I would only use it for the "zucchini" fruit because I am not a fan of winter squash. Carol, I have read that the zucc's have a very nice buttery flavor.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Now is not the time of year we want to be sick, is it? Doggone it! I hope you don't have the flu since I keep hearing reports about how rampant it is right now. I got my flu shot in November, so hope I'm still protected. The supermarkets here have been stationing the hand sanitizing sheets at th entrance so you wipe down the grocery cart handles, and I try to use those as much as I can.


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Boy I tell you, after those nasty SVB attacked my zuke last year and took out every plant I will try anything this year. Yeah, there are row covers, but to not have to worry about it would be nice!

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Does anyone know where I can fine the Tromboncino squash seeds here in Oklahoma or better yet, Tulsa? I would be willing to pay for them of course.


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Lisa_H OK(7)

Isn't this the squash that made Seedmama blush? I'm sure it is :)

Pinetree has the seeds, under the name Zuchetta for 1.25/pkt

Mine didn't grow last year (sorry seedmama!). I'm a horrible veggie seed grower, but if it is SVB resistant, I need to try them again. I can't grow squash, the bugs kill 'em.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zuchetta Rampicante Trombocino

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I bought Tromboncino squash seed packet from Horns seeds at OKC. I never grow them before, this is my first time. -Chandra

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