Fall transplanting

judyannz7(z7aOK)September 22, 2013

Do hosta have any special requirements for fall transplanting? I'm in zone 6-7, the maps show us as 6 but possibly in reality are a zone 7 micro-climate in part due to large pin oaks and/or elevation.

Hosta here are very happy. Additionally garden beds are in protected area. The original planting of 2011 is getting crowded and some things should be moved.

However, West Nile in the area is also making me wonder if we can wait until after freeze. Losing plants that can be replaced is second concern to a debilitating virus.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

just down the page from your new post...

i have no clue about your west mile stuff .... but i would presume.. it wont grow on the driveway.. like a hosta would...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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A person can get West Nile virus from mosquito bites.

If it were me, I'd wait until Spring to move hosta. Place markers on the ones you want to move and, in the Spring when the pips appear, dig 'em and replant. No worries over droopy leaves or winter heave either.

This will give you time to think over your plan of attack and new bed prep. Right now they are getting tired and ready to sleep for Winter.

If you can, stay inside where you are safe from the 'skeeters' or else be sure to use spray with 30% Deet.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Beat me to it Deb. :-). ..and good advice to boot! Ditto.

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Fall transplanting hints;

Cut off all leaves

Cut off dead old root/bloom stalks

Don't plant too deep

Water or keep moist if no rain

Up until late Frost ok to plant

In Spring tamp down any winter heave due to freezing/thawing.

In Virginia and Delaware have planted up until the ground freezes without problems, Michigan up until Nov 1


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Thank you Bruce. That's a fine list of dos and don'ts. I really love the "dead" scapes on my largest hosta as it gives winter interest to the garden. But that's the only one I leave scapes intact, well as intact as they stay naturally.

Thanks for the advice Deb. The city is spraying now, but a dead bird in the yard today makes me think there is at least one infected skeeter still out there. :'-0

We get deep leaf cover in this garden so if I do get the planting finalized before leaf fall, I don't think there really is any danger of heave. I'm just so anxious to do it as I have already planned and mapped it on graph paper! Not the same as getting in the garden.

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I'd make sure I sprayed myself down with a good skeeter repellent. Then I'd cover every inch of my body with preferably WHITE CLOTHING. Skeeters prefer black or dark clothing which conceals their presence. A tightly woven fabric will be better than a tee-shirt, believe me.....they can stick that little proboscis through the weave when they can smell a blood meal.

The link below goes to the USGS map for WNV. Also, check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which gives disease maps too, like for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) which can kill birds too. Unless it has samples submitted and determines the nature of the virus, it could also be this....and cases were reported of that this year in Maine and Florida.....strange how it skips the whole bunch of states in between. I don't understand all that I hear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Human WNV map 2013 USGS

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That is a great link! Thank you for sharing it and for the tips on dressing in white and tightly woven fabric. I'm pretty gun shy about going out actually. The positive testing in our area has been less than 200' from our home, so I am certain it is WNV.

Saw a huge truck broke down on the main road today. Never saw anything like it in my life! I wondered if it was the spray truck. If so, that thing must really put out the fog!! We are to have a neighborhood picnic Friday evening, and they have promised the area is to be sprayed again prior to the picnic. Grandkids coming Saturday. Not real sure I'm going to be comfortable with them going out, but maybe with all the repellent it will be OK. That of course will be up to their parents.

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