Mushroom Compost

laspasturas(7a)February 22, 2011

I'd like to use mushroom compost to top dress both of the gardens this year. Does anyone know where I could buy it by the truckload and about how much it might cost? The closer to central OK, the better, but I don't mind driving to get it. We bought it by the bag for our one raised bed when we lived in Dallas and it was beautiful stuff! Since the bulk compost we bought last year wasn't so great, I'd be willing to pay more for something much better.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

not sure how far you are willing to go, but J&M mushroom farm in Miami, Ok sells it by the truckload. Or so I have heard

even better it appears that Green Country soil in Harrah sells it bulk also. but it looks like you may have to buy a bunch.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

never mind its only available in miami, sorry

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I bought a yd. of it in Ft. Smith about a year ago, about $33.00 with tax.

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Aah, it's too bad they don't have it in Harrah. That would be so convenient! If I can't find anything closer, I guess I'll have to figure out which is the better price and maybe plan a weekend around going to get some. We could camp and hike and then pick it up on the way back home.
Thanks for your help!

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i bought mushroom compost in jay ok. at lindly's gas for 15.00 for bobcat scoop. i put 3 scoops in my trailer

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The cost at J&M in Miami was $30 when I bought it this Spring. That is the minimum you can buy but they are very generous and will probably load your truck as full as you want it. Trouble is, it is damp and very heavy when you get it so that may limit how much you want to put on your truck since you will be driving some distance. We have a full size truck with new tires, so we load up, but don't have far to drive. Even then, we are selective which roads we come home on.

I have never been there when they didn't have it, but they have always told me it was better to be there in early morning.

Be sure to take a tarp to cover it with because as it starts to dry out on top, it will begin to blow. If you need directions, let me know.

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Greygoat, were you happy with the compost you bought? I bought compost at the Ft. Smith landfill for a few years, but it got so trashy I quit using it. The compost would decay and I would have a tub full of shredded plastic left in the garden.

I priced mushroom compost at Mulch & More in Ft. Smith this year and they wanted $70.00 a yard, which is more than I want to pay.

I may have to be satisfied with collecting grass leaves like I have been doing for the past three years.


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Larry, this is mushroom compost that is coming straight out of the growing rooms. They bring it out in the beds on a forklift, and dump them under a shed. A man on a bobcat (or something like that) lifts it with the bucket and puts it in your truck. Eventhough it has already been used to grow mushrooms, it still smells a lot like the horse barn. It's good stuff.

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the mushroom compost in jay comes from miami j&m farms, the compost contains straw,chicken litter,gypsum,soybean meal,cottonseed meal,peat moss,limestone, and is sterilized at the end of the mushroom growing process.
i'm going back for another load shortly, i think it is excellent.

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About what does a yd of compost weigh? I want some so bad I can taste it, but that is a long haul for me.

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I can remember as a kid going to pick up a truckload of that stuff for my parent's garden. My brother didn't have a/c in the truck so we had to drive with the windows open. & we always managed to get there when it was "fresh". As soonergrandmom mentioned, it smells like a horse barn. Now imagine driving from Miami to Grove in mid-summer with all the windows open. But man did it grow beautiful tomatoes!

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i;m sure u can put two bobcat buckets in a full size truck bed

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Larry, You can get that much in a truck but I don't think you would want to for a drive like you will make. When we pick it up at the farm, we get a full truck load, cover it with a tarp and take the back roads home. The stuff is normally damp and very heavy. I buy mine directly from the farm so maybe it is different than places who buy from them and mix other things in it. Send me an email if you need to know more. Carol

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Thanks, Carol and Greygoat.

I just picked up a scoop in Ft. Smith. I can easily haul one scoop on my small pickup, but doubt I could haul two. It cost $30 a scoop at Mulch and More. I have to go to Ft. Smith about every day for the next month anyway, so it is just as easy to pick it up on the way back.

I think it is about 175 miles to Miami and I cant haul enough at one time to make the trip worth while.

The compost I got this time looks better than what I got before. It seems as tho the haulers would line their dump trucks with sand so the compost would slide out easier (and maybe they were hauling per weight), I had complained and many others also, but not much sand in this load.

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You are paying more, but driving less, so I think you are doing OK. I need to get a load soon, but I still have a few things in the garden so I guess I will wait awhile. It may take me until Christmas to get my garden cleaned. What a mess it has become. I've been a lazy gardener this year. I finally gave up and went for some meds and the doc thought my asthma was horrible. He was right. I don't do well in dry, dusty summers.

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When I spoke to Green Country in Harrah this summer, this what they told me. They don't carry it onsite. However, they will special order large orders of bagged mushroom compost. Don't know if that's still true. If you don't get what you want, call back a second time and ask for Brenda.

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Anyone know of a place for compost around Chickasha or Lawton area? I am putting rye down this coming week, as a ground cover. I haven't yet found any compost locally! I know there is a compost center in Norman, but they don't even have compost. I am sure it has something to do with our lack of green materials this year.

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I will say a word about compost. For several years I bought compost at the Ft. Smith landfill. It started out being pretty good stuff, I think at one time they had inmates or people from the Bost center picking out the plastic trash bags. Now the bags are shredded along with the wastes and screened, or blown out. The compost has a lot of shredded plastic in it which gets worse as the compost decays. The plastic blows all over your yard and garden and you spend years trying to get rid of it.

The only reason I am saying this is to suggest that you know about the compost before you buy it because it can have chemicals, plastic or about anything else in it.

I have used 3 scoops of mushroom compost from Miami so far and am happy with if. If you get compost from a city facility, find out how they process it. You may not want it even if it is free.


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